I Brake for Yard Sales

I Brake for Yard Sales

For my birthday in October, I asked for some decorating books. I know I’m really exciting. And my wonderful friend, Amber, got me my latest favorite – “I Brake for Yard Sales” by Lara Spencer. Lara is a host on Good Morning America, she’s a decorator on the side, and she also hosts one of […]


Layering Rugs

Outfitting a large room with a beautiful rug is plain out expensive.  I am talking even some 8×10 rugs and if you dare go 9×12 or larger forget about it – a couple grand at least for a quality chic rug.  Or do you have an odd shaped room?  Finding a rug in these situations […]

DIY Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar

First, let me start today by shouting happy, happy, happy birthday to this little man. He’s not so little anymore! Our perfect Kingston is a whopping 5 years old today. He brings more personality, happiness, and everything wonderful to our household each and every day than I could have imagined. We celebrated him yesterday with […]

DIY Artwork - MiddleRedefined.com

Bathroom Bar Cart

Remember my post on the bar cart revival? I do have a slight obsession with them. So when I finally finished painting my master bathroom, I decided that the perfect shelf for that space was a bar cart! And I bet you can’t guess where I got it. Yes, of course it was at the […]


Table Setting 411

Entertaining is Erica’s forte no doubt.  So much so, she probably has the correct way to set a table in the back of her mind.  But for those of you like me – that are constantly trying to remember fork on the left?  Spoon where?  Knife in or out?  And who am I kidding, with […]


Kansas State Song + Paint = Art

A little tribute to the my home state of Kansas of “Home on the Range” – written by Dr. Brewster Higley (1876) was my inspiration for a recent Sunday art project.  This one took a tad longer than expected thanks to my oldest wanting to help and my indecisiveness with the background color. Progression shots as […]

Carla's Family Room Makeover

Carla’s Family Room Makeover

My friend Carla is a talented writer. So when she asked if she could write an article about Jill and me, we were humbled and incredibly flattered. As part of her article, she asked us to come into her home and help make her family room more functional. The way they were using it was […]


Wall of Mirrors

The perfect backdrop to my parents beautiful dining room table and fall tablescape (check it out here if you missed it) is what I like to call “the wall of mirrors.”When you have a wall that serves as the backdrop to a 16 foot long table the key ingredient is understanding scale.  One large piece […]


Rethink – Fall Tablescape

Traditional color palette for the fall tells us to use a warm color palette of oranges, reds and yellows.  However, when my mom approached me with the design dilemma of decorating her massive (16 feet long) and beautiful table for the fall, she put in the request to use a cool, neutral color palette of […]


Welcome to our updated site!

We’re so excited to finally share our updated site with you! It feels like it’s taken a while, even though it’s really only been a few weeks. During the past couple of months, Jill and I talked about revamping MiddleRedefined.com and adding a few things, but we didn’t really know how to get that done. […]

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