What to Do with Kid Art

Recently I was talking to my neighbor about what to do with kid art. Anyone with kids experiences the same dilemma: What do we do with all the adorable crafts, paintings, drawings, and hand art that our kids bring home from school? We feel awful throwing it away, but then it just seems to lay […]

Lulu and Georgia Accrylic Sheepskin 2

Got Sheepskin?

A sheepskin rug that is.  Hands down, the most versatile rug slash decorative item slash textural element I have purchased. Use it on a chair. On a sofa. Or actually as a rug in any room imaginable. In a nursery which is where the one in our home currently sits. 1 I 2 I 3 I […]

DIY Door Letter

So we just got back from vacation in Colorado. My little man learned to ski for the first time, and we all experienced the beautiful mountains. I haven’t skied since I was a teen, and I enjoyed it so much more than I thought. My idea of a vacation is generally laying on a beach […]


2014 Photo Challenge

Happy 2014!  Wow what a whirlwind of a Holiday Season.  Sorry I have been so absent lately – two bouts some nasty cases of viruses through the household makes for some sleepiness nights and eh…I will spare you the rest of the details.  The only one to survive without getting sick (KNOCK ON WOOD) was […]

Shelf Decor - Antler Love

Antler Love

You’re probably so over holiday decorations, but the one final thing I’ll share is my obvious obsession with antlers this year. I had about six sets of antlers that I sprinkled all over our family room and dining room for the holidays. We got them during our picking trip this summer. And I waited patiently […]

Embroidered Holiday Pillow - Pottery Barn

Post Holiday Sale – Pottery Barn 60% Off

I know that at this time of year, we are so over buying any holiday decorations. However, with the deals going on, it’s such a great time to stock up for the next year. Right now, Pottery Barn is running a 60% off sale and has some adorable stuff, like these stocking holders… this pillow… […]

Homemade Holiday Gift: Russian Tea

I can’t even believe that we’re only a couple days away from Christmas! This entire year has just flown by. And our January is already filling up, so there’s definitely no resting in our house after the holidays are over! Are you done with all your shopping? I still have a few small things to […]

Holiday Mantle

Mantle Decor – Holiday Style

Our mantle is our focal point in our living room.  To see how I traditionally style the mantle check out this post.  Now that we are in the holiday season I wanted to share with you my holiday mantle decor.  And to no surprise I tend to gravitate towards a neutral color palette. I add […]

Dixie Holiday Decor

Reader Feature: Dixie’s Holiday Decor

Today’s reader submission comes from a special lady in my life.  My very own mother, Dixie.  As you may have gathered now, she is very stylish and has a keen eye for design.  Without further ado, I bring you her home all decked out with holiday decor. Remember the wall of mirrors?  They also got […]

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