Glammed Out Chandelier - Middle Redefined

From Traditional to Glam

Recently, my friend Mia wanted to update her kitchen light. She didn’t just want to replace it, she wanted to create a statement piece. Her dining room had just gone through a remodel, so she had this traditional-looking chandelier laying around waiting for a new home. Many suburban homes built in the past 10-15 years […]

Welcoming Entry - Monogram Moss Letter

Welcome Home

Curb appeal speaks volume to the overall look and feel to your home. Want a quick fix?  Treat your front door to this easy two step update. First, slap on a new fun paint color to your front door. In our case, we took an once maroon colored front door and chose a cool navy inspired […]

Grilled Citrus Garlic Chicken - Middle Redefined

Citrus Garlic Chicken

Thank goodness it’s finally nice enough outside to start grilling! There’s just something about that grilled flavor that makes everything taste better. Here’s an easy weeknight recipe for Citrus Garlic Chicken that my entire family loves. Step 1) Slice your boneless, skinless chicken breasts in half so they’re really flat - this helps them cook a ton faster and […]

New Pendants with Vintage Light Bulbs - Middle Redefined

New Life for Pendant Lights

When we moved into our current house, unlike most traditional newer suburban homes, we inherited really modern light fixtures on our main floor. Nothing wrong with these modern blue pendant fixtures if it fits within your style aesthetic. However, they just really didn’t work for us.   I researched and researched to find affordable pendant light […]

Powder Room - Decorative Items - Pop of Color

Powder Room Pizazz

The powder room is a space in your home where you can have A LOT of fun – take risks – and in this case perhaps make your guest dizzy in the design.  I wanted to do something bold in the powder room, incorporate a pop of color and perhaps drive the mister crazy on […]

DIY Roman Shades - Middle Redefined

DIY Goodness: Make Your Own Roman Shades

I can honestly say I’m never really “done” decorating any of the rooms in my house. Every once in a while, I won’t even notice that I’m lost in thought staring at a room, or a wall, or a shelf, and my husband will say, “What are you thinking about changing now?” And obviously since we […]

Guest Bedroom - Side Table

Be Our Guest

The coveted guest room…we are grateful enough, well until baby number three is here (yes, boy number three is on it’s way!), to have a guest room for a couple more months.  I view the guest room as a room where you can take chances, have some fun with design but where you want to […]

Panko Encrusted Tilapia - Middle Redefined

Weeknight Dinner Redefined – Panko Encrusted Tilapia

I LOVE to cook. I honestly would cook every meal if I had the time, and if someone would come and clean my kitchen every time. So, since this is one of my passions, I’ll share meal and entertaining inspirations with you from time to time. After all, Middle Redefined is about everyday inspiration, and for me, […]

Paris Fabric Art -

Wall Art – Easy as 1, 2,…9?!

Problem – Large wall in my guest bedroom and don’t want to spend a ton of money on the wall art. Requirement – The wall art has to be big enough to make a statement on its own – so one piece of wall art wouldn’t work.  I also wanted something unique and meaningful. Solution […]

Bar Cart - Society Social

Bar Carts Revived

I love bar carts. They make me feel very Mad Men-ish. When bar carts were first born, they were created for people who wanted to have “bars” at their house or office that were easily moveable or stored away when they didn’t need them. However, over the years, built-in bars and loads of cabinet space […]

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