West Bottoms Antiques

Good Juju

I am so ready for the West Bottoms Flea Market this weekend. Are you? The West Bottoms Historic Distric is this fantastic area of Kansas City where flea market and antiques vendors rent/buy space to sell fantastical items the first weekend of every month. Some of the vendors are open more often than just one weekend. However, that […]

Accessorizing Bookshelves - Simple but stylish

Monochrome Book

While I do think space planning, large item selection and color palette are the key essentials to a successful room – accessories can make or break a room.  I get asked by friends and family often about accessorizing tips so I want to share one of those tips with you. This tip features a very […]

Creative Croutons Recipe - Middle Redefined

Creative Croutons

My family loves Ceasar salad. My four-year-old gobbles it up, so we make it at least once a week to go with evening meals. I was getting bored with the traditional take, so I decided to get a little creative with the croutons. Instead of pouring pre-made croutons out of a bag, which is what […]

Master Bedroom Inspiration - Middle Redefined

Master Bedroom Inspiration

I’m super excited that the time has finally come to redo our master bedroom! I mean, we have been living with carpet in our bathroom (why do builders do that???) for almost two years!! We had several other things on our list to get done before tackling the master, but we’re ready! So I’ve scoured […]

Accessories featuring DIY Art Project

“Mustard” Yellow

I have a love affair with some “odd’ colors says the mister.  ”That looks like mustard (beautiful hue of yellow).”  Or that is “poo green” (chartruese).   Completely fine by me as long as he agrees to let me utilize these colors in our home.  So here goes “mustard”…in Liam and Dax’s bathroom. BEFORE: Outdated, […]

DIY Photo Board - Middle Redefined

On Display: Make Your Own Photo Board

When I was in college, my incredibly creative friend Jamie had this massive photo board that displayed all kinds of fun pictures of all our friends and her family. One day, I asked her to show me how to create my own, and it has traveled with me to every house since then. Recently, I […]

DIY Meaningful Art Project - www.middleredefined.com

Simple Note – DIY Art Project

I am all about simple DIY projects and I cherish meaningful art pieces.  Last year Valentine’s Day I wanted to create something unique and meaningful for the mister and to a better job at acknowledging one of  his main “love languages”.  Words of affirmation is a huge “love language” of his – so, I went […]

Brunch Frittata - Middle Redefined

Weekend Brunch

This weekend, I had my family and in-laws over for a Sunday brunch after church. To my friends in NYC, this means sometime between 1 and 3 p.m. For those of us in the Midwest, it’s around 11:30 a.m. With seven people to feed, I decided a frittata was in order. A frittata is basically just […]

Gray and Yellow - Middle Redefined

Gray and Yellow Fun

One of my favorite color combos right now is gray and yellow. There’s just something so relaxing about those two colors together that makes me happy. So I decided to use that combo when decorating my family room. Last week you saw my DIY Roman shade project, which was the latest addition to this room’s design. Now […]

Spring Art

Sunday Spring Art

When I lived in LA and worked for an interior designer I remember the incredible art collections that some clients had and would drool at their galleries.  Of course I was jealous and on a strict budget I figured I might dabble in trying to create my own abstract art.  I had no idea how […]

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