Extend a Curtain Using Fabric Glue

So, in addition to adding a fun new locker to my son’s room this weekend, I also added a bit of length to his curtain using fabric glue. Kingston has a really long window in his bedroom, and it has a rounded top. When we moved in, that rounded space was filled with a fan-type window covering. It worked just fine for covering the window, but it let a ton of light in – not to mention it was absolutely caked with dust and honestly just didn’t really make sense to me. So, I decided to extend his curtains and get rid of the weird fan thing. My only problem was that I don’t know how to sew, and I didn’t have a ton of time (the whole project only took me an hour and a half).

Kingston's Curtain Before

Kingston’s Curtain Before

I got some fabric glue and plain white material out and got to work. When I started the project, I realized that applying the fabric glue directly to the fabric from the bottle was not the right method. The glue was way too noticeable – as you can see here, – so I decided to apply it more sparingly with a paint brush that I stole from Kingston’s art supplies. Thank you Kingston.

Fabric Glue to Extend Curtain

Fabric Glue to Extend Curtain

I measured the extra length I needed, and the width of the curtain. Then I decided how much extra I needed for the edging. Once I started cutting and gluing, it actually felt a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Extending a curtain using fabric glue

Extending a curtain using fabric glue

And the end result was totally worth it. The longer curtain just fills that wall and window so much better. And when we close it, the material keeps his room dark so much better. Don’t look too closely at the edging though, because you can see some of the glue through the material. If I had used thicker and/or darker fabric, you wouldn’t have been able to see it nearly as much.It’s not incredibly noticeable, so for a cheap fix to a little problem, it’s worth the imperfection.

Kingston's Curtain After

Kingston’s Curtain After


Extending a Curtain with Fabric Glue - www.middleredefined.com Extending a Curtain with Fabric Glue – http://www.middleredefined.com/caption

Do you have a curtain that could be extended?

On Friday, I’ll show the rest of his room and the other personalized touches. Have a great rest of your week!

Reader Submission – Window Treatments

Middle Redefined reader Sara was having a design dilemma in her living room.  Sara asked for advice on a “major eye sore” she was having with the back wall in her living room.  She was struggling with accessorizing around the window and how to address the window treatments.

BEFORE:Before - Sara

Since Sara lives in West Virginia – we discussed via email.  Sara likes color and was up for new throw pillows and accessories so she set out on a shopping adventure.  She scored new throw pillows and wall decor at Pier 1.  The jewel toned accessories look great in the space.

Jewel toned throw pillows and wall decor

Jewel toned throw pillows and wall decor

While she was out shopping my goal was to address the window issue.

In my opinion, the real “issue” was how to make her window appear larger and a focal point for the wall.

An easy solution to make your windows appear larger (which I highly recommend for everyone when dressing a large focal window) – hang your window treatments floor to ceiling and have the panel start at the outside of the window.  This illustration gives you a great visual on the Do’s / Don’t when hanging window treatments.

Window Treatments

Image via

For Sara – since she added the jewel tones and pop of color in her accessories I wanted to find a great tone on tone pattern that would add some visual appeal but not compete with her color palette.

West Elm had these great panels that Sara ordered for her room.

west elm

I also recommended that she replaced the blinds with sheers.

Sara just sent me over the after and I think you will agree it is amazing how much larger her window now appears.  Since the largest size was sold out Sara was unable to hang from floor to ceiling but I think they still look great!


Sara - After

Thanks Sara for reaching out to Middle Redefined.

Do you have a design dilemma?  If so, let us know – Erica and I would love to help and give our recommendations.


DIY Curtain Panels

So one day I was walking around Target looking for all the other things I could pile up in my cart that I didn’t really need, and I came across a shower curtain on clearance. I was drawn to it because I loved the Aztec-y pattern and rusty orange color. In my second guest room, I have some throw pillows that have a paisley pattern of blue, orange, red, and pink. I decided to pick it up and figure out how to make some curtain panels out of it for that room.

DIY Curtain - Middle Redefined

DIY Curtain – Middle Redefined

All I had to do was cut the shower curtain in half to make two panels (shower curtains work really well for this because they’re really wide). Then, my mom sewed up the sides and connected some cream fabric to the end to extend it – you could easily do this with fabric glue. And finally, we got curtain hooks for the top and an inexpensive rod.

DIY Window Panels from Shower Curtain

DIY Window Panels from Shower Curtain

The shower curtain was only $12.99, and I love how it fits into the room! So the next time you’re looking for extra randoms at Target that you can’t live without, walk by the home clearance section and you might find something perfect for your next DIY project!

Floral knockout

For those of you who think I am miss monochromatic I am here at prove to you wrong.

Well, in some instances.  Behold the before:

Monochromatic - Roman Shade - Simple and beautiful

Monochromatic – Roman Shade – Simple and beautiful

(This is actually a roman shade in our master bathroom – which I love for its simplicity and great woven fabric.)

More on the master bathroom later.

BUT for the master room closet I wanted to have some pizzaz and funk.  So I took the same roman shade shown above, grabbed my fabric glue and slapped some colorful fabric on it.

Master Room Roman Shade - After - Floral-Funk-Fabric

Master Room Roman Shade – After – Floral-Funk-Fabric


Color punch - lime green, fuchsia and turquoise blue

Color punch – lime green, fuchsia and turquoise blue

I know, maybe not what you were expecting but for our master room closet I love the punch of color.  It tends to wake me up in the morning.  I also and a big believer that a closet is a jewelry box so why not line your “jewelry box” with some color?!

Gathered at the top

Gathered at the top

Again, take a simple roman shade + grab some fabric glue + slap on some fun new fabric = whole new window treatment!

Key learning with this project (which was actually by accident) I decided to run my fabric glue in horizontal stripes fairly close and uniform on the roman shade and you can see those lines when the sun is shining through.

Fabric glue shown through but I love the horizontal lines that show through

Fabric glue shown through but I love the horizontal lines that show through

A rookie “mistake” if you will but I love the horizontal pattern the glue creates.  It goes perfectly with the zebra rug I have on the floor.

More on the master room closet to come but the roman shade make-over makes a big impact!