Just Stencil It

Stencils and I go WAY back – circa late 80s when I had cat and heart stencils on my furniture.

I was cool.  I know.  And my mom was cool enough to let me have a full on cat inspired room.  Stencil cat border, with the stencil even on my furniture.  Pretty hip.  I wish I had a picture just how cool my pink cat stenciled dresser was but I have since then refinished that same piece of furniture and use it in the nursery (more on the nursery later).

Now stencils are all the rage again.  After partaking in our insane DIY in our powder room I wish I would have discovered the rebirth of stencils a bit sooner.  But after our powder room project (hours and hours) I knew I wanted to add some flair to our master bathroom but didn’t want to commit to wallpaper.

I had a large bare wall in our master bathroom and it bothered me.  I loved the look of some wallpapers but I didn’t want to commit to wallpaper or spend the money on multiple rolls of wallpaper.

SOLUTION – I ordered a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils and went to work.

Master Bathroom - www.middleredefined.com Master Bathroom – http://www.middleredefined.com/caption

www.middleredefined.com http://www.middleredefined.com/caption

Stencil - Close-up www.middleredefined.com Stencil – Close-up http://www.middleredefined.com/caption

For under $40 I got a total transformation.

Not to mention MUCH easier than taping or putting up wallpaper.  And when I get tired of it I just paint over and start another fun DIY.

Here is another picture of the same stencil I used in our bathroom in a master bedroom – I love the tone on tone look.


And best yet – these stencils are so easy to use you can use them on rugs, curtains, furniture, etc.  Basically anything you can paint, you stencil.





Has anyone else rekindled their love for stencils lately??