Got Sheepskin?

A sheepskin rug that is.  Hands down, the most versatile rug slash decorative item slash textural element I have purchased.

Use it on a chair.


On a sofa.



Or actually as a rug in any room imaginable.


In a nursery which is where the one in our home currently sits.


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Quick, buy one for yourself, here for $35, and then try and tell me you don’t love you some sheepskin!

You can play “where’s the sheepskin” in your home.  Next stop for ours is the home office chair.

Layering Rugs

Outfitting a large room with a beautiful rug is plain out expensive.  I am talking even some 8×10 rugs and if you dare go 9×12 or larger forget about it – a couple grand at least for a quality chic rug.  Or do you have an odd shaped room?  Finding a rug in these situations is difficult.   SOLUTION - Use two or more rugs to create a layering effect.  Some options to achieve this look…

  • Use a textural rug such as a sisal or jute rug as your base and then layer a more colorful woven rug on top.
  • Piece together multiple woven rugs to create visual pattern and depth.
  • Multiple striped rugs will work together nicely since you are working with rugs that involve a stripe pattern
  • Use an animal hide on top to create an interesting shape and add a textural hide element






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