Woah JCP!

So, Jonah has his nights and days mixed up a bit.  Therefore, I have some time on my hands in the middle of the night to cruise the web.

For some reason I stumbled upon JCPenny the other night.  I am still searching for a great inexpensive outdoor rug (which I promise to show that area soon) and thought I would check out JCP.  I have lucked out in the past with roman shades and window treatment panels from JCP so I was hoping the same would be the case for the perfect rug.

I didn’t get too far before I noticed that JCP is doing a collaboration with Jonathan Adler.  If you are familiar with Jonathan Adler, you know that he has funky, colorful design that seemingly shouts joy and happiness.

I am love with some of the throw pillows in the collection.  This bookshelf is amazing.  And these greek key window treatments are pretty stellar.

Definitely “Traditional with a Twist” but you might want to check it out if you want to infuse color and funk in to your space.

I was also impressed with a collection “Design by Conran“.  Again, more mid-century modern chic but some pieces that I was immediately drawn to…

These candlesticks



This apothecary vessel




This chair


Go ahead, check out JCP.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

And let me know if you need me to do some late night searching for you on the web.  I have some time on my hands…

Industrial Shelving

Oh West Bottoms, you did it again. Amazing items all over the place. Even Kingston bought his very first flea market find – an old ice cream scooper. He just had to have it because it had that little mechanism on the side that pushes the ice cream out. So fun for a four year old.

Anyways, back to our big buy. We found this fantastic industrial shelving unit! It appears to be something they might have used in a convenient or grocery store to hold soda. She’s a little rusty around the edges, but we’ll get her cleaned up. She was only $48, so I think we can deal with having to use a little elbow grease at that price.

Industrial shelf - www.middleredefined.com

Industrial shelf – http://www.middleredefined.com/caption

It’s just perfect for the space next to our kitchen cabinets, and we’re going to add some wooden boards across a couple of the shelves to hold our dishes. Haven’t figured out the rest of it yet. Just excited about the possibilities!

[caption id="attachment_1442" align="alignleft" width="600"]Industrial shelf Industrial shelf

I’m going to get rid of the rug in the kitchen since it’s hitting right under the shelf. And I’ve debated on removing it anyways because for some reason half of Kingston’s dinners end up on it every night. So probably not worth having a rug in there until he’s a bit older. We’ll see. We’re also planning to install open shelving right above this pretty lady, so I think I’ll be taking away the top section of the industrial unit – yes, it all comes apart, which makes it even better! It will just fit that space a bit better if one of the levels is gone.

Can’t wait to get it all filled!

Don’t you love it??

Typography Art

Many times I think simple art is the best.  One way of achieving this is a great piece of typography art.  Words simply stated on a piece of paper framed.

You can easily make your own piece using stencils or even free hand but my best vendors are from Etsy.

To be even more specific, I love the shop “the big harumph“.  And for all you Kansans reading you will love the fact that the shop owner, Georgia, is from nearby Wichita, KS.

AND if you become a fan of “the big harumph” on Facebook there is a 20% off coupon code until August 7th.

I also love what Georgia – the artist behind “the big harumph” says about the artwork:

  • “My work here is mostly linoleum prints & letterpress prints. I love working with linoleum because of its versatility. My goal is to make awesome original art accessible and affordable. And funny, on occasion. I enjoy simplicity in design. You’ll notice that a lot of my work is inspired by silhouettes, quotes, and simple ink drawings. I like clean lines.”

Not only are these great pieces for you home (thinks kids rooms, laundry rooms, anywhere you need a spunky piece of art) or office but they can also serve as great gifts for a friend or coworker.  I purchased one for Liam’s room and I love it.  Amazing quality and completely homemade.  The shops slogan is “so handmade it hurts.” How cute is that?!

Here are just a few of my favorites…

il_570xN.249869961 il_570xN.483930694_fx9u il_570xN.477626798_mgr0 il_570xN.370864167_e0vh il_570xN.469331375_nrqq il_570xN.281177592 il_570xN.275206351 il_570xN.229970747


Guest Post: Brianne’s Flea Market Finds

One of our friends, Brianne, also has an addiction to the West Bottoms Flea Market. So for today’s guest post, we asked her to share her favorite finds and how she’s used them in her home. As you can see, she’s so creative and has a knack for accessorizing. Jill and I are thrilled to be able to share her post with you because we know you’ll be inspired. Hope you enjoy today’s post, written by Brianne herself – thanks Brianne!

About two and a half years ago I was watching The Nate Berkus Show (RIP, unless you count the reruns on Oprah’s network, which I don’t.)  There was a lady on that was showing how she repurposed furniture and she mentioned having a store in Kansas City called Good JuJu.  She mentioned it being in the West Bottoms, which I only knew as the location of the haunted houses and a cool backdrop for urban style family photos.  A quick Google search showed me that her store was amongst others in the Bottoms, all of which were only open the first weekend of every month which was called Warehouse Weekend.  I hit the next sale to check it out for myself and have missed very few weekends over the years.
Just to show you all that the West Bottoms have to offer, I thought I’d share some of my favorite scores!  All store’s vendors replenish stock throughout the weekend.  Many of my earlier purchases came from Good JuJu.  I purchased this buffet from a vendor there.  She then painted it for me the color I needed.  I love the clean lines and all of the storage it provides.

Refinished Grey Hutch

Refinished Grey Hutch

This turquoise mirror is also one of my Good JuJu finds.

Little Girl's Room

Little Girl’s Room


I custom ordered this bookshelf from a store called Bottoms Up Antique Market.  Bottoms Up has over 60 vendors and four floors.  The vendor had one bookshelf on the floor but could also make them the dimensions you need and with the metal finish you’d like.

Metal Shelf Accessorized

Metal Shelf Accessorized

The tar-stained wood was from a chicken barn and was unfinished, but after living with it for a while I decided to stain it.  The darker look just felt more like me and now I love it even more!

Rustic Stain

Rustic Stain

This milk crate came from a shop called Nook and Cranny.  I love the milk company’s name on the front.  I cleaned it up and filled it with some of my husband’s favorite adult bottles since we don’t have space in our home for an actual bar.  Father’s Day gift success!

Milk Crate

Milk Crate


My most recent purchase was this amazing gold ornate mirror at this month’s sale.  I literally walked/ran to it when I saw it from the doorway of the second floor at Bella Patina because I was so worried that someone else was seeing it at the same time I was.  It was seriously large Marge and although I had no idea where I was going to put it, I knew I had to have it and would figure it out.

Antique Mirror

Antique Mirror

My favorite store by far for antique & vintage shopping in the West Bottoms is Restoration Emporium.  Much of my smaller decorative items have come from here.  From mason jar soap dispensers to décor for every season and holiday, it has everything and is always our first stop.  I came across these vintage bug prints and knew they’d be perfect for my son Rowan’s camp-themed room.  I purchased the wood-grained finish frames from Ikea and hung them above his art table. If you only have time to visit one store in the West Bottoms, Restoration Emporium is a can’t miss.

Little Boy's Room

Little Boy’s Room

Thanks for checking out some of my favorite flea market finds! Hope they’ve inspired you to do some exploring and rethinking for your own home!


Simple Locker Redefined

My husband works at a university and frequently shops their surplus store. When faculty transition or when a remodel occurs, all the old desks, chairs, fixtures, etc. go into their surplus storage and are then available for sale to the general public. Many schools have these, so you should check with your local college to see if they offer surplus sales.

After his trips to the store, my husband has come back with lots of awesome-ness, such as cabinets for the garage, children’s chairs that we’ve donated to our son’s school, a Restoration Hardware light fixture, and an old small locker. The locker looked like a perfect addition to my son’s room, so I decided to give it a new look.

Here’s what it looked like when he brought it home.

School Surplus Locker

School Surplus Locker

I got some spray paint primer and dark blue spray paint and started covering the whole thing. I ended up running out of the blue, and I didn’t like that brand, so I ended up trying Rustoleum’s spray paint for metal, which was MUCH better – I found mine at Lowe’s (sorry, I didn’t snap a photo of it).

Spray Paint for Metal Locker

Spray Paint for Metal Locker

After about four coats of paint, it was a great addition to my son’s bookcase in his room.

School Locker Redefined

School Locker Redefined

Isn’t it fun? There are so many things you can do with old classroom surplus…you just have to redefined it.

I’ll show you more of my little guy’s room throughout the week!

Bling for your Blender

Actually for your mixer – same thing right?  No secret here- in our house the mister is the cook/chef/maker of the food.  Aside from the occasional batch of no-bake cookies or tacos or easy-to-cook items I tend to stray away “cooking” much.  Oddly enough my mom is a fabulous cook – I guess I just haven’t learned the craft yet.  See, I clean – organize – decorate.  However, I am getting shall I dare say “better” but I am definitely not the one who put a KitchenAid mixer on my Christmas list this past year.

Yep, that was the mister.

KitchenAid Mixer

KitchenAid Mixer

SO, I obliged and got the mister his most wanted item on his list and bought him a KitchenAid Mixer – “Artisan”.  He does actually use it quite often – homemade protein bars on a weekly basis.

Not only did I struggle with color choice but I was quite anti-having-a-large-appliance-on-our-kitchen-counter.  I decided since this was the misters mixer I chose basic a masculine black although there are 20 different colors!

Next, I thought there had to be a way to make this large piece of appliance more appealing so I found these great decals.

www.thehouseofsmithsdesigns.com http://www.thehouseofsmithsdesigns.com/caption


And in over 30 different colors and for only $12.

I found these decals on The House of Smiths Designs.


Don’t get me wrong – probably not a necessity, but what a great Christmas stocking stuffer?!

The mister has his blender – I can make sure the blender has some really cool bling!

Make Your Own Magnetic Chalkboard

For years my mother-in-law had this sad little corkboard hanging off the side of her fridge loaded with receipts, invitations, baby announcements, etc. The only reason she had that was because she had filled her entire fridge up with photos, so that stuff had no where to go. So for Christmas last year, I made her a framed magnetic chalkboard so she could at least replace the corkboard hanging from a string.

I searched blogs to find out how to make one, and of course, blogs came through! On Less than Perfect Life of Bliss, blogger Julie talks about the best way to make a magnetic chalkboard (click here for step by step directions). My first step was to find an inexpensive frame, so where did I go? The West Bottoms Flea Market of course! They have tons of cheap frames without the glass or back, which was exactly what I needed. I got mine for $8 and gave it a nice coat of black glossy spray paint.

Julie recommended a specific kind of sheet metal, but I wasn’t able to find it at my local Lowe’s, so I just had someone point me in the direction of pre-cut sheet metal. I found some magnets in the store to test and make sure that what I was buying was magnetic. My husband cut it to fit the frame, and I sprayed chalkboard paint all over the front of it. Since it was an open frame, I wanted to make the back sturdy, so we got some inexpensive craft wood from Michaels and used clear tape on the seam – we’re really professional.

Back of Magnetic Chalkboard

Back of Magnetic Chalkboard

Then I found some hardware at Michaels that secured everything into the frame.

Hardware for Magnetic Chalkboard

Hardware for Magnetic Chalkboard

For the magnets, I bought the standard round magnets that you can find at any craft store. To make them pretty, I bought some round, designed stickers that are supposed to be used to seal envelopes. I say they work pretty well as magnet decoration!



My mother-in-law loves her magnetic chalkboard – at least she tells me she does. And I want to make one for our kitchen but just haven’t had a chance yet. Hope you find the time to create one for your home! They’re such a fun addition to your kitchen, kids room, or office.

Making a Magnetic Chalkboard - Middle Redefined

Making a Magnetic Chalkboard – Middle Redefined


Magnetic Chalkboard DIY - www.middleredefined.com Magnetic Chalkboard DIY – http://www.middleredefined.com/caption

Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July! Jill and I will be taking the next two days off for some R&R with our families, so we won’t be updating the blog until next week. Stay safe and cheers to a fun-filled long weekend!



Restaurant Style: Rye

By now, you all know how much I love food. And one of my favorite things to do besides cooking is experiencing new restaurants. One of my new favorite eateries in Kansas City is called Rye. I’m a huge supporter of restaurants that source from local farmers and even have their own gardens. When you pull up to Rye, you can see their garden right outside their amazing patio with outdoor fire pits and couches. Not only is the food right up my alley (fried chicken and pickled cucumbers anyone?), but the interior design is fabulous!

Rye Restaurant

Rye Restaurant

Reclaimed wood, industrial seating, and repurposed glass jars as lighting. I might as well just bring my bed over because I could totally make this my house.

Bar at Rye

Bar at Rye


Wine Storage - Rye Restaurant

Wine Storage – Rye Restaurant

I want some barstools like this so bad…my husband has been on the hunt for some reasonably-priced ones for a while with no luck.

Kitchen View

Kitchen View

Cozy little farmhouse-style setting.

Reclaimed Wood Wall

Reclaimed Wood Wall

Mason jars on top of a worn wooden table – love!

Mason Jar Display

Mason Jar Display

And did I mention the fried chicken?? Absolutely the best I’ve ever had…honestly.

Fried Chicken at Rye

Fried Chicken at Rye

If you live in Kansas City, you have to give Rye a go. If not, perhaps you can pull some ideas from their interior for yours!




Young House Love – Kitchen Remodel

One of the blogs I go to often for inspiration is Young House Love. This couple is now in their third house and have completely DIY-ed each house they’ve lived in from the inside out. In fact, they’re so creative, they’ve published a book and are sought out as DIY experts. For anyone remodeling or decorating on a budget, they are a must-have resource.

I was checking out their site this week to get some inspiration for our friend Molly’s house. As I mentioned recently, she and her family just moved into a new home and Jill and I get to help them decorate! The first task on our list is their kitchen/family room area. This space is just a bit dated, with lots of honey oak, so they’re wanting to brighten everything up with whites and grays. Jill is an expert with transforming a kitchen, so be sure to check out her post here.

And on Young House Love’s site, they show their amazing transformation as well that we think could be great inspiration for Molly’s kitchen.

Here’s their kitchen before.

Young House Love - Kitchen Before Shot

Young House Love – Kitchen Before Shot

And after…isn’t it fabulous?

Young House Love - Kitchen After Shot

Young House Love – Kitchen After Shot

The other side before.

Young House Love - Kitchen Before Shot

Young House Love – Kitchen Before Shot

It’s crazy how just a bit of white paint and some new, fixtures can make a space feel completely different.

Young House Love - Kitchen After Shot 2

Young House Love – Kitchen After Shot 2

Finally, one more angle.

Young House Love - Breakfast Area Before Shot

Young House Love – Breakfast Area Before Shot

Can’t believe this is even the same space!

Young House Love - Breakfast Area After Shot

Young House Love – Breakfast Area After Shot

While Molly’s family won’t be needing to do this much of an overhaul, this kitchen re-do provides some ideas for us to get started with. Do you love Young House Love as much as I do?



DIY Curtain Panels

So one day I was walking around Target looking for all the other things I could pile up in my cart that I didn’t really need, and I came across a shower curtain on clearance. I was drawn to it because I loved the Aztec-y pattern and rusty orange color. In my second guest room, I have some throw pillows that have a paisley pattern of blue, orange, red, and pink. I decided to pick it up and figure out how to make some curtain panels out of it for that room.

DIY Curtain - Middle Redefined

DIY Curtain – Middle Redefined

All I had to do was cut the shower curtain in half to make two panels (shower curtains work really well for this because they’re really wide). Then, my mom sewed up the sides and connected some cream fabric to the end to extend it – you could easily do this with fabric glue. And finally, we got curtain hooks for the top and an inexpensive rod.

DIY Window Panels from Shower Curtain

DIY Window Panels from Shower Curtain

The shower curtain was only $12.99, and I love how it fits into the room! So the next time you’re looking for extra randoms at Target that you can’t live without, walk by the home clearance section and you might find something perfect for your next DIY project!

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