Wine Cellar

About six months ago, my husband decided he really wanted to create a wine cellar in our basement. That space stays really cool no matter what time of year, so we wouldn’t need any tempurature control. We have a random small storage room that’s too tight to hold much, so it ended up being the perfect little area for his project.

He did a ton of research to determine the look and feel he wanted – a little rust, a little tin, and some mountable racks. I LOVE the way it’s coming together.

He found the tin on Craigslist. It’s from the wall of an old barn. He decided to layer them on the wall and then mount the racks directly to it. The racks are from Hayneedle. He bought two at first just to test them out, but he’s adding one more in the middle of these.

The next steps are to add the last rack, make sure all the tin is securely attached to the wall, and then make a light fixture. I’ll keep you posted on progress!


Kelly Wearstler-inspired DIY Art

So remember when I told you that I was going to have my little man do an abstract painting for me – inspired by Kelly Wearstler? Well, we got some free time a couple weekends ago, and he got to work! Of course, he decided it was necessary to strip down to his undies to do it. Who am I to judge an artist on his process?

First, we covered an old painting I had with acryllic white paint. It took about four coats to get it done, but he was more than happy to help out. Then I just took plain, black acryllic paint and let him have at it. He loved making what he called the “twirly whirlies like the wind and zig zags.”

He was very proud of himself when it was all done. I have to say I am too. I’m in love with it.

I also got my iKea rug in that I told you about a few weeks ago! I’m so excited! It’s perfect for that space.

Now I just need to get my desk decorated, the painting on the wall, and the office is pretty much done. I’ll show the final, final late this month when I have the time to take really good photos of everything.


Hilary’s Challenge: Progress

So we’ve been able to make progress on our friend Hilary’s house! We’re really excited to start to see things come together! The three of us (Jill, me, and Hilary) went on a shopping spree last week. And when I say spree, I mean it…we went to Target, Marshalls, World Market, and Pier One all in one evening after work. It was so fun, and exhausting, but we definitely scored!

These throw pillows that Hilary already had were our inspiration on colors.

When we were doing research leading up to this said spree, our goal was to find a leather, storage ottoman, such as this one from

We also knew we wanted a rug that brought color into the family room. And Hilary really liked this pattern.

After hitting Target, she ended up with these adorable goodies. The rug was the perfect shade of blue, and was even in the exact pattern she loved. The ottoman was exactly what we were looking for, and it was on clearance! She decided she had to have this fabulous chair…and why wouldn’t she? We even ended up with a great new lamp shade that we’re not sure is going to fit her lamp quite yet. But, it had her colors, it had birds on it, and it’s super cute. So, we’ll figure out something to do with it!

We searched and searched for art but didn’t find anything that worked. So after brainstorming, we decided to reach out to the Etsy artist behind this gem.

Jill was so generous to give me this amazing art piece for Christmas. It’s a sketch of well-known Kansas City architecture. I am so in love with it and need to find the perfect spot in my house for it. Jill’s going to reach out to the artist and see if she can make a larger, similar print on canvas for us. It would be a great fit for Hilary’s space. Fingers crossed!

So as you can see, we’ve made some progress! We’ll keep you posted as more things come together! Happy Monday everyone!

Hilary’s Challenge

Remember our friend Carla? After her article in November, her friend Hilary contacted me and Jill to see if we could help her out as well. Hilary has a gorgeous home near Kansas City’s historic Plaza. It’s a Tudor with tons of character. I mean, look at her front door???

Hilary and her husband have two young kids, and she’s basically challenged with the same issues that all of us with young families have: how do I make my space fit my style but also really functional for my everyday life?

There are two things we really had to figure out during our time with Hilary.

1. What is their family’s style? This was hard for Hilary to articulate. And that’s OK. Many people can’t really “define” their style. That’s part of the process Jill and I go through when we walk through someone’s house and talk with them about their family. During our tour, we were able to nail down a few design themes in their home:

  • Mission-style furniture
  • Paisley
  • Colors of navy, light blue, salmon, and minty green

2. How do they want their main floor to function that best fits their everyday life? This is always a lot easier for people to articulate because they can really just explain their day-to-day activities. The biggest challenge Hilary had was their family room. The location of their TV sort of dictated where furniture could be placed. And because it is a long rectangular room, they had a hard time defining the various sections of it. They wanted to figure out the best flow for the space.

So in this first phase, we needed to rearrange the family room using existing items around their house. Here are the befores.

When you looked into the room, the couch was blocking the path to the sun room.

And it was pushed close enough to the back french doors, that it didn’t make it very inviting to open them regularly. Aren’t they beautiful? I love her archways and all the woodwork!

Most likely, the reason they did this was because they felt that the couch should sit at the natural end of their long rug. But after talking through it, they were totally fine with moving it in a bit.

And here you can see the TV constraint because their armoire needed to stay where it was located. We talked about the possibility of mounting the TV above the mantel in the future, but they weren’t ready to go there yet.

With the way the furniture was set up, you can see that the fireplace was getting lost. They don’t really use it, but it’s still a focal point of the family room that needed to be brought out a bit.

And here are the after photos.

By simply moving the furniture around and reaccessorizing, we were able to create a natural seating area that highlighted the fireplace a bit better but still allowed for ample TV viewing. We pulled the couch in a bit and moved the table from behind it over next to the fireplace, where it fit really well.

Now what we need to finish off this space are the following: a smaller area rug to bring in some color and help ground this space a bit; a storage ottoman that can act as a coffee table; and new artwork for the right wall (next to the armoire). We’re going shopping with Hilary this weekend, so hopefully we can finish this space off!



Design Read

Do you have someone in your life that is into design or has a passion for decor?  (me, me!)  Wait, don’t misunderstand, I am not asking you to buy me these books but I wanted to share with you three newer released books that are on my list of decor books to add to the collection.  Besides this chilly winter weather is perfect time to cozy next to the fire and have a great read.  Here are my top three choices.

final book-600x600 goodbones_large

You can find them here, here, and here.  Or go grab one (or all three) for yourself.

Happy Reading, Designing and Reupholstering!


I Brake for Yard Sales

For my birthday in October, I asked for some decorating books. I know I’m really exciting. And my wonderful friend, Amber, got me my latest favorite – “I Brake for Yard Sales” by Lara Spencer. Lara is a host on Good Morning America, she’s a decorator on the side, and she also hosts one of my favorite new shows, Flea Market Flip.

Even though Lara has to have loads of money, she’s definitely a redefiner (no, I’m not sure that’s a real word). She loves turning flea market and dumpster finds into new, fresh goodies. Most of the items she shows in her book are ones she found for less than $200!

Here are a few of my favorite inspiration pages from her book. You should pick one up or check it out from the library because it’s well worth it!

Lara Spencer

Lara Spencer

Lara Spencer Design

Lara Spencer Design

Lara Spencer - Campaign Buffet

Lara Spencer – Campaign Buffet

Lara Spencer Inspiration

Lara Spencer Inspiration

Lara Spencer - I Brake for Yard Sales

Lara Spencer – I Brake for Yard Sales


Bathroom Bar Cart

Remember my post on the bar cart revival? I do have a slight obsession with them. So when I finally finished painting my master bathroom, I decided that the perfect shelf for that space was a bar cart! And I bet you can’t guess where I got it. Yes, of course it was at the West Bottoms Flea Market!

Bar Cart Shelf -

Bar Cart Shelf –

She’s perfect, don’t you think? I topped her with white towels, a pot from Anthropologie ($10), a tray on top from Target ($17), and some vintage glass (also from West Bottoms – $15).

Master Bath Updated

Master Bath Updated

Vintage Glass

Vintage Glass

And then I needed a piece of art for over my bathtub. I decided I wanted something that had “good morning” and “good night” sayings since my bathroom is the first place I go after waking up and the last place I hit before bed. I asked my artistic mom to help me out, and thankfully, she said yes. We brainstormed what we wanted it to say, and then she just did her thing.

Master Bath Redefined

Master Bath Redefined


DIY Artwork -

DIY Artwork –

I can’t even express how much I love it!! It’s so personal because we created it together, and the colors couldn’t be a better fit for the room. It makes me happy every time I see it. Thank you, thank you, thank you mom!

The last thing I have to finish in the bathroom is framing out our mirrors, and then I can show you the whole thing! Soon, I promise!

Carla’s Family Room Makeover

My friend Carla is a talented writer. So when she asked if she could write an article about Jill and me, we were humbled and incredibly flattered. As part of her article, she asked us to come into her home and help make her family room more functional. The way they were using it was somewhat of a pass-through room. Not really as a space that her family and friends could gather, relax, and play.

So Jill and I met up with Carla and her family at her house and got to work. The goal was to use existing items from around her home, so that we didn’t have to spend any money. It was so fun walking around Carla’s house to see all the great pieces she had already. We found a perfect area rug in her master closet of all places, and a really cool settee in her play room.

The goal was to brighten up Carla’s space while making it functional for her family of four. Here are the before and after’s.


Carla's Family Room - Before

Carla’s Family Room – Before

We used some throw pillows from my storage closet, rearranged furniture, and stole stuff from other rooms.

Family Room Progress

Family Room Progress

And after. With a rug to ground the space and furniture balanced on either side of the fireplace, we were able to create a focal point around the mantel.

Carla's Family Room Makeover - After

Carla’s Family Room Makeover – After

Mantel before

Mantel Before Shot

Mantel Before Shot


Mantel After

Mantel After

Entry before

Entry way before

Entry way before

Entry before - gallery wall

Entry before – gallery wall

Entry after

Entry after

Entry after

Entry after - gallery wall

Entry after – gallery wall

We also reorganized her beautiful antique cabinet to showcase their family’s meaningful items more. Before, those special pieces were lost. We wanted to help keep the cabinet functional while still allowing their memories to shine. I obviously am doing a good job supervising here while Jill does all the had work.




One of the things we found while reorganizing was this adorable basket in the shape of Mississippi, where Carla is from. Jill had a brilliant idea to hang the basket on the wall with their heart-shaped hook in the middle for holding keys. Get it? Carla’s heart is in Mississippi? It’s so clever and cheesy that it’s fabulous! And it’s one of Carla’s favorite personalized additions to her room.

Heart is in Mississippi

Heart is in Mississippi

Without having to spend any money, we were able to help Carla get a family room that felt balanced, family-friendly, and stylish. She had great pieces all over her house that ended up being the perfect fit for her redefined space. Since the makeover, she said that her two, unbelievably cute daughters love having tea parties at their coffee table. Love hearing stories like that. And, I mean, how cute is Carla???

Carla's Family Room Makeover

Carla’s Family Room Makeover

Thank you so much Carla, for letting us share an evening of redesign fun with you and your family. We are so incredibly flattered that you shared our story with your readers of 435 Magazine. Next, we’ll tackle the mancave!

435 Magazine - Redefine Your Living Space

435 Magazine – Redefine Your Living Space





Molly’s House: Progress Shots

Here goes! As you know, our friend, Molly, asked Jill and I to help her freshen up her family’s new house after they moved in a few months ago. They had plenty of space, but their kitchen-breakfast nook-family room area was just a bit dated. After some serious elbow grease and hours of online shopping, we have some awesome progress shots for you!

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen – Before


Kitchen progress:

Kitchen - Progress -

Kitchen – Progress –


[caption id="attachment_1724" align="alignleft" width="600"]Kitchen and Eating Area - Progress Kitchen and Eating Area – Progress

Desk and pantry before:

Desk and Pantry - Before

Desk and Pantry – Before


Desk and pantry progress:

Desk and Pantry - Progress

Desk and Pantry – Progress

Family room before:

Family Room - Before

Family Room – Before

Family room progress:

Family Room - Progress - Family Room – Progress –

We decided to go with all white woodwork, and a base color scheme of greys and blues. Molly loves color, which matches her bright, fun personality, so we also added in pops of yellow and pink. Doesn’t it feel so inviting?

Molly and her husband spent hours and hours repainting everything themselves. They also replaced all the appliances, which made a huge difference in the kitchen.

This whole week will be dedicated to this redesign, so we’ll have tons of info for you, including source info for the major items. In this first one, we just wanted to share the adorable progress shots as a way to introduce you to her space. Be sure to tell us what you think!

Delicious Bedding

I have a new bed! As part of our bedroom update, I wanted to DIY a new headboard since I had done our last one. This is our old bed.

Old Bed -

Old Bed –

However, the more I tried to figure out exactly what fabric I wanted to do, the more I just realized that maybe it was time in my eight-year marriage to finally buy a bed – we’ve only had hand-me-downs and DIY’ed ones. So one day, a sale on Joss and Main inspired me to buy a charcoal grey, tufted headboard. Here’s a sneak peak – I’ll dig up the link to the bed online and share it with you once I find it.

[caption id="attachment_1615" align="alignleft" width="600"]New Bed - New Bed –

You’ll get to see the rest once I have my bedding all done. Now that I had a pretty headboard to show off, of course that meant new shams and throw pillows! I found the perfect coral bordered shams from Biscuit bedding. Bailey, the shop owner, has a blog that I visit often. While I probably would never do floor to ceiling floral wallpaper like she does in her designs, I find her writing witty and fun. And her outlook on design just makes me smile – such a happy person. She aptly named her shop Biscuit because she wants her bedding to feel delicious. Even though the shams were a bit more expensive than I normally would have gone, I knew they were exactly what I was looking for, so I bit the bullet. I’m going to have them monogramed in the same coral color to finish them off. Her packaging is even adorable.

[caption id="attachment_1616" align="alignleft" width="600"]Biscuit Bedding Biscuit Bedding

For accent throws, I found some remnant fabric on sale as Calico Corners for $15 a yard. It’s a pale mint Greek key pattern, and I think it will make the perfect compliment to the Biscuit bedding. I just have it laying over some lumbar pillows right now so you can have a vision of what it will look like. I’m hoping to get everything over to a family member this weekend who will make the throw pillows and do the monogramming. So excited!

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