Painted File Cabinets for Home Office

As part of our master bedroom redo, I wanted to update the “home office” part of our sitting room. I used to have a teeny desk in there, but I decided it was time for a change. My in-laws had given us that desk when I worked from home in our tiny St. Louis bungalow. It was the perfect fit at the time, and now it’s ready for a new home. Our neighbors needed a small desk for their daughter’s bedroom, so my in-laws were gracious enough to let it go.

So what do to now? With the new look and feel in our room, I wanted something with clean lines as well as a mix of wood and metal (are you surprised? Probably not). Here’s an inspiration photo I found a long time ago that kick-started my search for a table instead of an actual desk.

Home Office Inspiration -

Home Office Inspiration –


After searching for a while, I ordered this table from Ikea, and I’m going to paint the legs gold.

Ikea Table

Ikea Table


We also have some old file cabinets in our garage that my husband used as night stands in college. So I thought it would be fun to spray paint them either coral or mint. They’ll sit right next to each side of the table. Loving the idea of sprucing up traditional file cabinets for this space, kind of like these.

Painted File Cabinet -

Painted File Cabinet –


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Painted File Cabinet for Home Office

Painted File Cabinet for Home Office


Can’t to see what it will look like when it’s all done!

So excited for this weekend, hope you are as well! We’re celebrating both my birthday and my husband’s, so it should be jam-packed. Talk with you all Monday!