Outdoor Furniture Update

Remember this gem

Outdoor - Before

Well now it looks like this…



I decided to go with charcoal gray paint and cobalt blue cushions.  We used paint and primer outdoor paint by Behr from Home Depot and had them custom mix the paint.  At first the shade was too dark and then too much green and finally achieved the hue I was going after.  The poor girl that was mixing the paint was probably highly frustrated with me but outdoor paint is tricky because you have to consider sun, shade and all different sorts.

[caption id="attachment_1671" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Closeup - outdoor furniture Closeup – outdoor furniture

Outdoor Furniture

I still need to add some decorative pillows to the mix – I am thinking about a tangerine or orange colors.

Just imagine Dax as a pillow…

The boys enjoying the new outdoor furniture.

The boys enjoying the new outdoor furniture.

Highly considering two of these beauties…from Etsy.  That way I can get my Trina Turk fabric that I dearly love.

Or for half of the cost – I could go for two of these

Oh and I almost forgot to mention – I got a outdoor coffee table.  Where you ask?  Well, on Craigslist of course.

Outdoor Furniture

This Smith and Hawken coffee table I have seen places retail for $200 plus and we snagged this one for $60!  I just need the mister to paint it the same charcoal gray color.

Coffee table find on Craigslist that needs to be refinished

Coffee table find on Craigslist that needs to be refinished

Still some work to do but I am really enjoying the progress.  Best yet, now we don’t have to sit on the concrete patio!


Next Project – Outdoor Furniture

I hit the jackpot on this one…a bit Golden Girl-ish, but my hunt for outdoor furniture for our patio has spanned over the past two years.  Of course I wouldn’t settle for going to a normal store and buying something not beat up and needing a complete overhaul.  Instead, while outside we would literally sit on the ground on the patio.  Lets be honest, with two little ones sitting and relaxing isn’t what we do outside anyway.  But we still needed something and I wanted a find.  A project (sorry honey).  And I wanted something unique.

Drum roll please…

Here they are:

Outdoor - Before

Bare with me – I think, correction, I know they can be absolutely fabulous.

And best yet – we got the sofa and chair for $80.  Yep.  A steal!

Now to figure out color scheme.   Do I paint the base a bright color like so:

Or to paint them neutral and add fun cushions and pillows?

Outdoor Pillow Collage

Or splurge on these Trina Turk Pillows since I saved major on the actual furniture.  They are actually a fraction of the cost if you bought them at a retailer since these are found on Etsy.

Trina Turk Pillows - Gorgeous

Trina Turk Pillows – Gorgeous

Decisions, decisions.  Since the inside of our home is pretty neutral I want to infuse color.

What is your pick??

Stay tuned for an update next week – is it the weekend already?