Heat Wave

Granted we are used to HOT days here in the great state of Kansas during the month of August, we were spoiled a bit when mid-month temps dropped into the 50′s for the low and 70 degree days were here for a week.  We actually haven’t hit 100 yet on the thermometer but with the humidity this week feels like 100 degree plus outside.  And we are talking all week it has been HOT and it looks as though that continues through the weekend.  I guess summer is here to stay for a bit longer and that means soaking in the sun a bit for the long Labor Day weekend.

Here are a few items that we will be enjoying over this long weekend.  Although I am still on maternity leave, it will be nice to have the mister around for the long weekend – perhaps I can coax him to finish some of the many projects we have started around here…(PLEASE and thank you honey!)

Other than that – we plan to spend plenty of time in the pool…

Pool Fun

Pool Fun

Me – not so much.  This lady here is not exactly pool side ready being 5 weeks post baby…but I love to eat – and eating on the side of the pool with yummy ice cream sandwiches sounds fun – so I WILL try to attempt making these

Full recipe found here.  NO, I am not vegan but they sound pretty yummy and look incredible.  I’ll let you know how they turn out.

AND – since swinging is plain out awesome no matter how young / old you are – we will spend some time on my parents farm doing this…


We bought this tree swing for my mom’s birthday last year and it is amazing.  You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this simple activity and the surrounding on the farm are beautiful and peaceful.  We have a large tree in our backyard and in time I may just talk the mister in to making our own tree swing.  I found a great DIY for this on A Beautiful Mess.

If you are feeling optimistic and are in need of a tree swing, you can find more info on the great DIY here.

We have a little volleyball and football mixed in our schedule which makes me think FALL but for now we will be holding on to our summer activities with those listed above.  I know it is only Thursday and I am getting a bit ahead of myself by talking about the weekend but what do you have in store this Labor Day weekend?