Molly’s House: Progress Shots

Here goes! As you know, our friend, Molly, asked Jill and I to help her freshen up her family’s new house after they moved in a few months ago. They had plenty of space, but their kitchen-breakfast nook-family room area was just a bit dated. After some serious elbow grease and hours of online shopping, we have some awesome progress shots for you!

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen – Before


Kitchen progress:

Kitchen - Progress -

Kitchen – Progress –


[caption id="attachment_1724" align="alignleft" width="600"]Kitchen and Eating Area - Progress Kitchen and Eating Area – Progress

Desk and pantry before:

Desk and Pantry - Before

Desk and Pantry – Before


Desk and pantry progress:

Desk and Pantry - Progress

Desk and Pantry – Progress

Family room before:

Family Room - Before

Family Room – Before

Family room progress:

Family Room - Progress - Family Room – Progress –

We decided to go with all white woodwork, and a base color scheme of greys and blues. Molly loves color, which matches her bright, fun personality, so we also added in pops of yellow and pink. Doesn’t it feel so inviting?

Molly and her husband spent hours and hours repainting everything themselves. They also replaced all the appliances, which made a huge difference in the kitchen.

This whole week will be dedicated to this redesign, so we’ll have tons of info for you, including source info for the major items. In this first one, we just wanted to share the adorable progress shots as a way to introduce you to her space. Be sure to tell us what you think!

Country Living House of the Year

Emily Henderson is a designer, TV Host, and super fun blogger. I check out her blog as often as I can because she just makes me smile. Her style is typically much more modern than mine. However, she’s such a happy soul that I totally want to be her friend. And I would definitely let her redecorate my house for me if she wanted to.

Anyways, she was picked to do the Country Living magazine’s House of the Year. It’s a remodel, and I feel like it’s exactly the way I would decorate a beach house if I had one.

Living room before:

Living Room - Before

Living Room – Before

Living Room After:




Bedroom before:

Bedroom Before

Bedroom Before

Bedroom after:




Bedroom After

Bedroom After

And kitchen before:



Kitchen after:







Anyone notice the metal red bar stools? Um, I did. Such a happy space! Can’t wait to see the full spread when the issue comes out in September!


Open Shelving Ideas

On Monday, I showed you our new industrial shelving unit that we bought at the flea market last weekend. I also told you that we’ve been planning to do open shelves in our kitchen for a while, and I’m thinking they would be perfect right above the industrial ones. Then we would basically have floor-to-ceiling shelving – all that decorating and organization! I mean, I’m excited just thinking about it!

This is of course a project that is months away because I have to finish our master bathroom, then I need to tackle the buffet in the dining room that I’m turning into a campaign piece, and THEN I’ll be able to think about the kitchen. However, it doesn’t stop me from looking at ideas!

Here are some photos that are helping to start my wheels turning…

This one is from Veranda Interiors, and I love the dark, wood on top of the white subway tile.

Veranda Interiors

Veranda Interiors

Better Homes & Gardens featured photos on “decorating with white.”

White and Blue - BHG

White and Blue – BHG

Stainless steel shelving featured on BHG as well.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

And I just feel like this one speaks my language. Reclaimed wood, with industrial brackets, on top of white subway tile, with bright yellow light fixtures! A blogger named Anne Sage featured this photo from the magazine Rue on her blog.

Open Shelving Ideas (Rue) - Open Shelving Ideas (Rue) –


Again, this is obviously all down the road a little, but fun to start dreaming! Have a great weekend everyone!





Young House Love – Kitchen Remodel

One of the blogs I go to often for inspiration is Young House Love. This couple is now in their third house and have completely DIY-ed each house they’ve lived in from the inside out. In fact, they’re so creative, they’ve published a book and are sought out as DIY experts. For anyone remodeling or decorating on a budget, they are a must-have resource.

I was checking out their site this week to get some inspiration for our friend Molly’s house. As I mentioned recently, she and her family just moved into a new home and Jill and I get to help them decorate! The first task on our list is their kitchen/family room area. This space is just a bit dated, with lots of honey oak, so they’re wanting to brighten everything up with whites and grays. Jill is an expert with transforming a kitchen, so be sure to check out her post here.

And on Young House Love’s site, they show their amazing transformation as well that we think could be great inspiration for Molly’s kitchen.

Here’s their kitchen before.

Young House Love - Kitchen Before Shot

Young House Love – Kitchen Before Shot

And after…isn’t it fabulous?

Young House Love - Kitchen After Shot

Young House Love – Kitchen After Shot

The other side before.

Young House Love - Kitchen Before Shot

Young House Love – Kitchen Before Shot

It’s crazy how just a bit of white paint and some new, fixtures can make a space feel completely different.

Young House Love - Kitchen After Shot 2

Young House Love – Kitchen After Shot 2

Finally, one more angle.

Young House Love - Breakfast Area Before Shot

Young House Love – Breakfast Area Before Shot

Can’t believe this is even the same space!

Young House Love - Breakfast Area After Shot

Young House Love – Breakfast Area After Shot

While Molly’s family won’t be needing to do this much of an overhaul, this kitchen re-do provides some ideas for us to get started with. Do you love Young House Love as much as I do?