Birthday Gift Ideas

Happy birthday week to you Miss Jill!

You turned one year older and better on Monday! As one of the most creative people I know, searching for gifts is incredibly fun and challenging! Here are some of the top contenders, but you don’t get to know what you get until we get together to celebrate!

Since you and I both have a black thumb, I thought a simple terrarium could be a way for you to practice keeping plants alive in a small way. :)

This adorable piece of artwork caught my eye since you and your fabulous hubby met in L.A.

Um, who doesn’t need a gold antler jewelry holder???

How fabulous are these triangle earrings?? They would look so great on you!

Thanks for sharing this blogging journey with me, love. We’ve had so many laughs throughout the past year. So happy to have you and your family in our lives. Happy, happy birthday week!