Memorial Day Weekend

Phew! Where did the last three days go?  I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.  I know we sure did.  We relaxed cleaned the garage.


Well, when you are 32 weeks pregnant and one kiddo down for an entire day (Liam was at Papa’s helping plant soybeans) you have to take advantage of the time to CLEAN!

Don’t get me wrong – we did attend a fabulous wine tasting (sparkling grape juice for me) get together with friends, our nephew Pete’s super hero birthday party and I did take a glorious nap on Sunday while it was pouring rain (gauge said over 2 inches!).

(BEWARE before you read any further: these are NOT glamourous photos – but this is real life organization/cleaning challenges that we all DO NOT want to clean – but it MUST be done!)

We deep cleaned the garage.  I say ‘we’ because the mister was an enormous help during this project.  This is his MAN SPACE so I let him have his space and do with it as he wishes.  BUT when it starts to look like this:


Garage Before - Holy MESS

Garage Before – Holy MESS

Garage Before - DANGER ZONE

Garage Before – DANGER ZONE

I had to intervene.  First step was admitting there was a problem and once I mentioned storage units and bins the mister freaked out a bit.  Grumpy a bit at first he then gave in and a few (probably 6) hours later we ended up with this:


Work bench AFTER

Work bench AFTER

If I had it my way I would have everything in bins but we got really excited about that Husky work bench organizer diddy so I let him have his MAN SPACE.  He refinishes and builds so many DIY projects for me it was the least I could do.

But I did get my bins:

Garage After - BINS - STORAGE

Garage After – BINS – STORAGE

And why wouldn’t we add some DIY art to the garage??

DIY Art - not being used in the house so we hung it up in the garage

DIY Art – not being used in the house so we hung it up in the garage

I will add some custom labels to the bins to jazz them up.  For now I don’t have to walk to the car with my eyes closed trying not to get anxiety from the mess.  Huge shout out to the mister for being a rock star and cleaning up his man space.  At one point I walked out and he was disinfecting the garbage bins!  I am officially rubbing off on him.

We also did TONS of yard work which I will share with you all soon.  YES, I actually planted flowers.  Two days and they are not dead yet.  Amazing.

For now, here is a pic of our helpers doing yard work this weekend…

Yard Work Helpers - Dax and Liam

Yard Work Helpers – Dax and Liam

Have  a great four day work week!