DIY Thankful Board

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  We were extremely blessed to have Aunt Angela in town from Chicago.  The boys are absolutely smitten over Angela – Liam did not leave her side for a moment her entire visit!

Our Thanksgiving tradition includes an enormous homemade meal down at my parents house with all the fixing and family time.  Newsflash- I am not the best cook around so aside from the brussels sprout salad (average at best) I decided late Wednesday night to tackle a DIY Thankful Board to bring to our Thanksgiving Family Feast.

A quick pop in stop to Hobby Lobby on my way home from work Wednesday, equipped with a 40% off coupon and numerous 50% off sales around the store, $40 dollars later and I had my supplies.DIY Thankful Board - SuppliesSupplies:

  • Open frame – I choose a distressed frame that goes with my parents dining room decor
  • Scissors
  • Burlap rope / twine
  • Hammer
  • Small nails
  • Permanent markers
  • Cardboard / Fabric labels to write thankful notes
  • Date stamp – not necessary – you can simply write the date
  • Small wooden clips

I called in the mister to help with the burlap twine.  He decided to double the twine by twisting it together for extra strength and to ensure the labels would not droop in the middle.    You can make as many rows as you would like.  For this frame three rows worked perfectly and in this case three is symbolic as my parents have three kids.  DIY Thankful BoardI then assembled the labels, markers, wooden clips and stamp in bowls for easy use.  IMG_6879Prior to dinner starting every one passed the bowls around and began to write down what they were thankful for this year.IMG_6883IMG_6884IMG_6889IMG_6891On one side reads the “thankful for” list and the other side is the persons name and date.  The thought is to keep each of the labels from year to year – making the DIY Thankful Board a tradition to continue.IMG_6965Isn’t it sweet how the mister lists my DIY projects?!  No sarcasm involved at all I’m sure!IMG_6970Add the “thankful notes” to the board with the wooden clips in random order and you are finished…IMG_6980



And my brother Brent is the one who wrote they were thankful for “this board”.  Isn’t he just the sweetest?!  Our family doesn’t lack for sense of humor and sarcasm at all!

I can’t wait to use this DIY Thankful Board year after year and look back at all the notes years down the road.


Rethink – Fall Tablescape

Traditional color palette for the fall tells us to use a warm color palette of oranges, reds and yellows.  However, when my mom approached me with the design dilemma of decorating her massive (16 feet long) and beautiful table for the fall, she put in the request to use a cool, neutral color palette of smoky blues, a touch of subtle green and textural neutrals.

Fall Tablescape - Fall Tablescape –

Another request was to incorporate visual height to the table.  Adding this vertical impact with five vases filed with neutral floral arrangements helps break up the horizontal plane / length of the table.

Sidenote: When my parents remodeled their home one of the most, if not the most important room in the plan, was the dining room.  My mom is a phenomenal cook and we all gather almost every Sunday for family dinner so it was very important for her and my dad to have us eat as a family on Sunday afternoon.  VERY COOL.  Now with 10 grandchildren, they need to buy a couple more chairs to add to the 16 foot long table.  Talk about massive chaos as the adults are now outnumbered with all the little kiddos running around.  Fun problem to have…but it might be five years or so before an actual adult conversation can take place again.

Once the five vertical floral arrangements were put together a long conversation at the local Hobby Lobby and trying about 30 different combinations (after a while every combination start looking the same) we settled on this…


Then we took to the material that would ground the floral arrangements and settled on a large burlap runner.  Next was figuring out the large decorative elements that would serve between the floral arrangements.  We found a great neutral pumpkin at Home Goods and  then scavenged around the house to fill in the other items.  Keeping the palette neutral and incorporating baskets and beautiful pottery made for the perfect statement setting combination.






Stay tuned for Thursday as I talk more about the fantastic wall of mirrors you see in the background.  What do you think of the fall table scape?  Do you like the neutral / cool tone color palette?