House Jewelry – Update

I mentioned, oh, a mere two months ago, about the new “house jewelry” I got for our front door.  If you missed it you can check the post out here.

Usually it wouldn’t take this long to get a small project done but the mister accidentally painted it the wrong color first.  Apparently I told him the wrong color?!  (NOT what happened, but I am not going to complain since he does help me with all of my projects and I am full-term with baby number three and this chica apparently is not allowed to paint.)

The house jewelry before painted.

Wooden monogram - against current house color

After – gold metallic spray paint and coral ribbon on navy door.  No joke – the mister painted this baby black the first go around – why would I want it black??

Painted and ribbon - on front door

I decided to go with more of a coral color for the ribbon instead of the fuchsia.  I love the color combo, especially in the spring and summer months.

Although I think I might go back to my “H” in the fall and winter months.

Welcoming Entry - Monogram Moss Letter

It is “house jewelry” so it is good to have options.  Think of it like a good necklace for your home.

Which one do you like better?  Also, please share photos of your “house jewelry” for your front door.

Minor Exterior Updates

Along with the front door and yard work – I still wanted to make some other minor updates for the exterior of our home (that is until we completely repaint the entire thing or move).

These easy exterior updates include:
  1. Adding new house numbers (old ones were brass)
  2. Painting existing light fixtures (existing light fixtures were stark white)
  3. Growing some grass (old grass was d.e.a.d.)
  4. Paint front door 
  5. Add new garage hardware

The only items needed for these easy updates were:

  1. Can of spray paint to update house numbers
  2. Same can of spray paint to update existing light fixtures
  3. Grass seed and new sod
  4. Fun new paint color for front door
  5. Garage hardware – $20 at Home Depot

Also doesn’t hurt to have a willing and able, amazing husband to do all of these projects so I can just come up with the ideas.

Still on the list is to add the newest “jewelry” to the house and put a few rocking chair to the porch.  So consider this a “to be continued” project (like all the other projects).

For more inspiration for the exterior of your home, check out Erica’s post.
Home Exterior Before

Home Exterior Before

Home Exterior After - after some minor updates

Home Exterior After – after some minor updates






Face Lift – Exterior Finishes

When we moved into our house two years ago, the exterior was very plain. The paint on the house and the trim were pretty much the same color, and there wasn’t anything that created much interest in the architecture. So we (mostly meaning I) got to work planning ways to spruce things up.

First up was a new paint job. Gray on the main part of the house and a cream trim brightened everything up a bit. Then as luck would have it, our ugly garage doors broke, so we got new “cottage-style” ones. Here’s the before and after – sorry the quality is so bad.

House Update

House Update

Next up, a new front door. I got this one from Home Depot for about $300, and I love it! I have had several people from the neighborhood ask me if I live at the house with the cute new front door. Of course, I have to ask them to repeat that in front of my husband because he thought the old door with dents in it was just fine.

New Front Door

New Front Door

I also had a co-worker make us some custom shutters. I do work for a construction company, so that comes in quite handy sometimes. When we had our house painted, the shutters and the door got a fresh coat of black paint. I have to say that I love driving up to the house each day. The face lift made a world of difference to the exterior of our house.

More Custom Shutters

More Custom Shutters

Custom Shutters

Custom Shutters


And finally, we needed some plants for the small front porch. Remember how Jill said yesterday that she has sort of a black thumb? Um…I would have to put myself right there with her. I adore swirly evergreens, and they seemed low maintenance enough even for me. Well, this one only lasted a year.

Dead Swirly Evergreen

Dead Swirly Evergreen

The ones I planted last year were in pots that just kept falling over whenever we had a big storm. So I replanted them last night in these larger square ones. Hopefully that will help keep them alive longer.

Front Door View -

Front Door View –

I had some help from little hands – he was looking for dinosaur fossils.

[caption id="attachment_796" align="alignleft" width="768"]My helper My helper

What sort of exterior face lifts have you done to your house?