Antler Love

You’re probably so over holiday decorations, but the one final thing I’ll share is my obvious obsession with antlers this year. I had about six sets of antlers that I sprinkled all over our family room and dining room for the holidays. We got them during our picking trip this summer. And I waited patiently for months to be able to put them out. I should probably figure out a way to use them all year long.

Here’s my tablescape for Christmas day dinner.

Tablescape Antler Love -

Tablescape Antler Love –

Tablescape Antler Love -

Tablescape Antler Love –

More antlers on the shelf.

Shelf Decor - Antler Love

Shelf Decor – Antler Love

And the mantel.

Mantel Decor - Antler Love

Mantel Decor – Antler Love

I won’t show you every single place I used them, but you get the idea.

To round things out, here’s a look at our bar cart for the holidays. The newest additions to our cart were the fabulous champagne glasses I got from my friend Robin for my birthday, and the copper mugs my husband got for Christmas (to enjoy Moscow mules).

Holiday Bar Cart -

Holiday Bar Cart –

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope 2014 is your best year ever!

Post Holiday Sale – Pottery Barn 60% Off

I know that at this time of year, we are so over buying any holiday decorations. However, with the deals going on, it’s such a great time to stock up for the next year.

Right now, Pottery Barn is running a 60% off sale and has some adorable stuff, like these stocking holders

Reindeer Stocking Holder - Pottery Barn

Reindeer Stocking Holder – Pottery Barn

this pillow

Holiday Pillow - Pottery Barn

Holiday Pillow – Pottery Barn

this other pillow

Embroidered Holiday Pillow - Pottery Barn

Embroidered Holiday Pillow – Pottery Barn

these metal reindeer

Metal Reindeer - Pottery Barn

Metal Reindeer – Pottery Barn

and Jill, you totally need these K. Hall bar soaps!…

K Hall Bar Soap - Pottery Barn

K Hall Bar Soap – Pottery Barn

Hope you all find some great stuff!





Homemade Holiday Gift: Russian Tea

I can’t even believe that we’re only a couple days away from Christmas! This entire year has just flown by. And our January is already filling up, so there’s definitely no resting in our house after the holidays are over!

Are you done with all your shopping? I still have a few small things to get, and really no time to do it. But I’m sure I’ll figure something out! One thing I did get done are these homemade gifts for my co-workers. Each year, I like to make some sort of goody for my colleagues – they mean so much to me. One year I did peppermint bark. But this year and last, I made my mother-in-law’s Russian Tea. And I think it’s the winner.

It’s like pure comfort in a hot mug.

Homemade Gift - Russian Tea

Homemade Gift – Russian Tea


Homemade Gift - Russian Tea

Homemade Gift – Russian Tea

Here’s the recipe.

3/4 cup instant tea

2 cups Tang

1 & 1/2 cups sugar

3 oz lemonade mix

1 & 1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp crushed cloves

Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container. When ready to drink, stir three tsps of mix into a mug of hot water. Enjoy!

Reader Feature: Katie’s Holiday Apartment Style

I don’t know about you, but I can NOT believe that Christmas is only one week away! I just dropped my Christmas cards in the mail today, I still haven’t wrapped any of my presents, and I have yet to put my garland outside that I bought two weeks ago!!

We put so much pressure on ourselves during the holidays, so I’ve decided to let go a little and not worry about all the things I have YET to accomplish. But rather focus on all the wonderful things I have – like a healthy family, the opportunity to spend time with so many friends and family, and my career. Think we all need to let go just a little. You agree?

Back to business. For today’s Reader Feature, we’re showing my friend Katie’s holiday style. We’ve talked about Katie in the past, when we highlighted her wedding as well as her long wall challenge. This time, she was kind enough to send us photos of her Dallas apartment, looking all festive for the holiday season.

Thank you so much for sharing Katie! Happy holidays!

Holiday Photo Backdrop

This weekend, we had a holiday party at our house. My husband coaches collegiate volleyball, and his team along with the coaching staff had a year-end holiday party and white elephant gift exchange. It’s always so fun to hang out with the girls outside of the matches we attend all season. My little man just adores them – he shows off like crazy.

The coach my husband works with – a dear friend of ours – had a fun idea for taking photos this year. So fun, in fact, that I thought I would share it with you all as an idea for holiday cards or even your upcoming parties. It’s so, so easy.

She simply brought over a sheet, hung it with clothes pins from our window hardware. And then ran holiday lights up and down the entire sheet. You attach the lights at the top and bottom of the sheet with more clothes pins. Because her light strand was green, she used a green sheet. However, this would be really fun with a white sheet and a white strand. We talked about doing that next year.

DIY Holiday Photo Backdrop

Holiday Party Backdrop

Holiday Party Backdrop -

Party Photos We had such a great time with the team and taking these photos! Thanks Coach Posey for bringing over this awesome idea! I’m sure it will inspire others to take some fun pics too!

Reader Submissions Wanted

Our family will be getting our tree this weekend and finally decorating for Christmas! We’re slightly late this year, but it’s been a crazy Fall, so we’re just now able to get around to even thinking about Christmas. I’ll show you pics once we get it all done. But I want to see yours too!

Please send us photos of your holiday decorations and/or Christmas DIY ideas. We’d love to feature readers all throughout December if we can. Just email us at

Here are some photos I found on Pinterest to get us started. Enjoy!





All Things Bright and Beyootiful

All Things Bright and Beyootiful

Pennies on a Platter

Pennies on a Platter