Weekend Brunch

This weekend, I had my family and in-laws over for a Sunday brunch after church. To my friends in NYC, this means sometime between 1 and 3 p.m. For those of us in the Midwest, it’s around 11:30 a.m. With seven people to feed, I decided a frittata was in order. A frittata is basically just a crustless quiche, and it’s faster and easier than a quiche. The only thing you need in order to make one is a skillet that can also go in the oven.

You can fill it with whatever veggies you have on hand. In this case, I used onion, red pepper, and asparagus. I also generally include some sort of breakfast meat, like bacon, sausage, or ham.

First, cook your meat or just warm it up in the skillet if it’s pre-cooked. For mine, I had pre-cooked turkey sausage on hand, so I just cut it into bite-sized pieces and sauteed it for about three minutes. Then, I set it aside.

Turkey Sausage for Frittata

Turkey Sausage for Frittata


After that, I sauteed chopped red pepper, asparagus, and onion in some olive oil. Throw the meat back in the skillet when the veggies are close to done.

Veggies for Frittata

Veggies for Frittata


Crack and whisk together 12 eggs (I only use 6 eggs when it’s just my family). Whisk in about 1/4 cup of milk and season with salt and pepper. Pour the egg mixture over the veggies and meat. Let that set up a bit until the outside edges firm up. The middle will still be a little wobbly. While it’s cooking, I usually gently lift the outside edges with a rubber spatula and tilt the skillet so that extra egg can run under the frittata and cook a little faster.

Sprinkle the top with shredded cheese, and put the whole thing in a 350 degree oven. This will help set the top. It usually takes about five minutes. It’s done when the center is no longer jiggly.

Frittata Recipe - Middle Redefined

Frittata Recipe – Middle Redefined


Serve it just like a piece of quiche. It’s even yummier when serves on a super fancy plate. Enjoy!

Brunch Frittata - Middle Redefined

Brunch Frittata – Middle Redefined