Duct Tape DIY’s

So I came across decorative duct tape at Target the other day, and I just kept thinking that I needed to buy one. Why? I have no idea. It just seems like something everyone should have, right? This rediculous need to buy some navy and white chevron duct tape made me do a little searching for ideas on what in the world to do with this stuff.

Of course Pinterest was FULL of ideas. If you found yourself buying one of these handy little gems for no apparent reason at one time as I did, then here are some ideas that can put that puppy to use:

1. Decorate a wall light switch plate. No need to have boring white light switch plates anymore. Cover the ones in your kids’ rooms for some added fun to their decoration.

2. Personalize phone chargers. If chargers in your house are constantly swiped by other family members, you can “mark” each person’s with different colors of duct tape.

3. Spruce up girly accessories. Plastic bangles, head bands, and wallets can get a new life with this sticky invention.

4. Cover a boring picture frame. Simple picture frames can be jazzed-up with chevron stripes, bright colors, or animal prints without having to use any paint.

5. Customize notebook covers. Choose one pattern or go with a variety to make notebook covers stand out and reflect your personal style.

No more using boring grey duct tape! With all these new varieties, there are so many other creative ways to use this multi-purpose innovation. The possibilities are just about endless.

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