Salvage Show Junkie

There are three shows my husband and I recently found that we’re completely addicted to: “West End Salvage,” “Salvage Dawgs,” and “Picker Sisters.” On each of these shows, the shop owners buy and find salvage items that they can repurpose into new pieces, new designs, or just give them new homes. What’s not to love?

We have watched “American Pickers” for a couple years now, but these shows are definitely giving them a run for their money. Especially since we get to see how they transform items into new designs. Total Middle Redefined kind of stuff. If you haven’t given these a whirl, you really need to DVR them.

“West End Salvage”

On HGTV, this show features a shop in Des Moines, IA that not only buys flea market, antique, and architectural items, they also provide interior design services. It’s so fun to watch them reinvent, such as taking old barn wood and making wainscoting or turning elementary school chalkboards into a fireplace mantel.

My husband actually got to visit their shop recently on a business trip to Iowa. The shop owner and stars of the show gave him a tour of the shop, offered him a beer, and pretty much made him feel like the most special guest ever. He was over the moon, and definitely is an even bigger fan now. Check out their designs and more about their show at

“Salvage Dawgs”

A DIY Network series, Black Dog Salvage (the shop owned by the stars of the show) is located in Roanoke, VA. They go around the country, disassembling old homes, businesses, and architectural gems. Their finds are then either used as-is in other peoples’ homes, or they completely repurpose the materials to create something new. Learn more at

“Picker Sisters” 

And my new favorite: “Picker Sisters.” Two absolutely adorable women from L.A. who had dreams to open a shop full of redefined items. They drive across the country a-la “American Picker” style, finding random items from barns, attics, yards, etc. And then they transform them into modern furniture. I’ve loved most of everything they’ve redesigned so far. Would LOVE to meet them, drink wine with them, and then go picking with them!!

These shows are inspiring and refreshing to watch. Especially as reality TV. The characters are true recyclers, appreciating the beauty found all over the country and finding new life for pieces that would have otherwise been thrown in the dumpster. It’s so interesting to see how these old architectural gems are given new life in their clients’ homes and businesses. Must-watch TV for those of us obsessed with interior design, flea markets, and Americana. Enjoy!

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