Purchases Lately

Please excuse my absence lately…we arrived back from a week in Maui and then I needed another week to catch up to and get back in to the groove of regular life.  Before you roll your eyes and not have pity on me after I mention being in Maui – just think, nine hours on a plane with three kiddos under 4 1/2 on a red eye holding a 7 month old the entire time and a four hour time change will do that to you.  Trust me.

Although some projects around the home are on hold – I still do keep a little eye out for some great decor finds on a budget.  Here are some of my recent purchases…

faux fur throwThey say patience is a virtue…well, I have been eyeing this faux fur throw since last fall – originally $119 – now on sale for $46.99!  From West Elm - this makes me about 2% happy that it was 6 degrees this morning…

metallic storage

One can never have too much storage.  How amazing is this soft storage from H&M?  I seem to forget often that H&M has a home line…well stumbling upon these beauties was a friendly reminder, especially at $9.95.  Find them here and use them all around the house.  I can picture them in a kids room, in a master bathroom, office…everywhere!

bench 2

Oh Threshold for Target – how I have loved this bench for quite some time.  I snagged this bench on clearance now – once $109.99 now $76.99.  Another item that can be used around the house in multiple rooms.  A great bench for a mud room or guest room – to rest luggage on.  Sold out at your local store?  You can still grab one online here.

And finally, this isn’t under the home decor category but when you drink as much water as I do and constantly have your water bottle on the counter I think it should still be chic…and that is when this purchase comes in to play.

water bottle

I am really digging the color combo – and its glass.  I haven’t been this excited to drink water in a while.  These come in an array of colors – check them out here.  And why you are there ordering your water bottle read about the company behind these bad boys – pretty cool story.

Ok – those are my recent purchases / finds / great deals lately.  What have you snagged lately?



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