Desk Area Update

So a while ago I shared with you that I bought this table from iKea, and that I wanted to turn it into my desk in my bedroom.

I got it a couple months ago and painted the legs gold. You might be able to tell that I haven’t taken the plastic off the top of it yet.

Obvously I haven’t had a chance to move very quickly on this project. However, I’m fairly close to knowing how I want to finish everything up. I love the simplicity of the table. And I think it needs a big piece of art above it. When researching ideas, I kept coming back to abstracts I saw by an artist named Jen Ramos. Jill and I have come across her several times, and most recently her art was featured through the website we bought our new blog theme from – BluChic.

I also kept thinking of Kelly Wearstler because she actually does full abstract walls, like this.

I just love the way abstracts look against a plain white wall.

So that’s the route I’m going. I’m going to sit my 5-year-old artistic son in front of a really large canvas and let him go to town. It’ll be a couple weeks before I get to do this project, but I’ll take pics of the mess for you.

I also think the sitting room in which this table sits needs a rug to add a little life to it. I came across this one on, and I’m thinking it would be fabulous! Not only is the print fun, but it’s an affordable large square rug, which pretty much means I need to buy it.

Can’t wait to see it all come together!


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