Hilary’s Challenge: Progress

So we’ve been able to make progress on our friend Hilary’s house! We’re really excited to start to see things come together! The three of us (Jill, me, and Hilary) went on a shopping spree last week. And when I say spree, I mean it…we went to Target, Marshalls, World Market, and Pier One all in one evening after work. It was so fun, and exhausting, but we definitely scored!

These throw pillows that Hilary already had were our inspiration on colors.

When we were doing research leading up to this said spree, our goal was to find a leather, storage ottoman, such as this one from Overstock.com.

We also knew we wanted a rug that brought color into the family room. And Hilary really liked this pattern.

After hitting Target, she ended up with these adorable goodies. The rug was the perfect shade of blue, and was even in the exact pattern she loved. The ottoman was exactly what we were looking for, and it was on clearance! She decided she had to have this fabulous chair…and why wouldn’t she? We even ended up with a great new lamp shade that we’re not sure is going to fit her lamp quite yet. But, it had her colors, it had birds on it, and it’s super cute. So, we’ll figure out something to do with it!

We searched and searched for art but didn’t find anything that worked. So after brainstorming, we decided to reach out to the Etsy artist behind this gem.

Jill was so generous to give me this amazing art piece for Christmas. It’s a sketch of well-known Kansas City architecture. I am so in love with it and need to find the perfect spot in my house for it. Jill’s going to reach out to the artist and see if she can make a larger, similar print on canvas for us. It would be a great fit for Hilary’s space. Fingers crossed!

So as you can see, we’ve made some progress! We’ll keep you posted as more things come together! Happy Monday everyone!

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