What to Do with Kid Art

Recently I was talking to my neighbor about what to do with kid art. Anyone with kids experiences the same dilemma: What do we do with all the adorable crafts, paintings, drawings, and hand art that our kids bring home from school? We feel awful throwing it away, but then it just seems to lay in a box somewhere for years taking up precious storage space. And frankly, we might look at it one more time in our lives when our kids leave the house and we try and give them all their memorabilia.

So I asked some of my friends how they handle this, and here are a couple ideas:

Display it and learn to purge the rest. Create a gallery wall of the pieces that mean the most to you and your child. You can buy a set of matching frames and use them as art. Or, run a string across a wall and use clothes pins to showcase the latest and greatest. Then, when you replace items, purge some. Think about what a particular piece says about your child at that moment in his or her life. Save a few key items and then recycle the rest. You’ll be OK, I promise.

Gallery wall

Kid Art Wall

My Son, Kingston’s Room

Create a photo book. You could either buy the old photo albums that actually have holders and stick each piece in there. Or, you could scan all the art into your computer and create a photo book through an online site, such as Snapfish or Shutterfly. Doing this would reduce the clutter in your house. And you’d be more apt to pick up a photo book to look through than a box of old art that got shoved under the Christmas decorations boxes.

Photo Book

Hope this helps you showcase your child’s art in a way that reduces clutter around your home but still gives it the props it deserves!






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