Reader Feature: Katie’s Holiday Apartment Style

I don’t know about you, but I can NOT believe that Christmas is only one week away! I just dropped my Christmas cards in the mail today, I still haven’t wrapped any of my presents, and I have yet to put my garland outside that I bought two weeks ago!!

We put so much pressure on ourselves during the holidays, so I’ve decided to let go a little and not worry about all the things I have YET to accomplish. But rather focus on all the wonderful things I have – like a healthy family, the opportunity to spend time with so many friends and family, and my career. Think we all need to let go just a little. You agree?

Back to business. For today’s Reader Feature, we’re showing my friend Katie’s holiday style. We’ve talked about Katie in the past, when we highlighted her wedding as well as her long wall challenge. This time, she was kind enough to send us photos of her Dallas apartment, looking all festive for the holiday season.

Thank you so much for sharing Katie! Happy holidays!

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