Holiday Photo Backdrop

This weekend, we had a holiday party at our house. My husband coaches collegiate volleyball, and his team along with the coaching staff had a year-end holiday party and white elephant gift exchange. It’s always so fun to hang out with the girls outside of the matches we attend all season. My little man just adores them – he shows off like crazy.

The coach my husband works with – a dear friend of ours – had a fun idea for taking photos this year. So fun, in fact, that I thought I would share it with you all as an idea for holiday cards or even your upcoming parties. It’s so, so easy.

She simply brought over a sheet, hung it with clothes pins from our window hardware. And then ran holiday lights up and down the entire sheet. You attach the lights at the top and bottom of the sheet with more clothes pins. Because her light strand was green, she used a green sheet. However, this would be really fun with a white sheet and a white strand. We talked about doing that next year.

DIY Holiday Photo Backdrop

Holiday Party Backdrop

Holiday Party Backdrop -

Party Photos We had such a great time with the team and taking these photos! Thanks Coach Posey for bringing over this awesome idea! I’m sure it will inspire others to take some fun pics too!

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