Layering Rugs

Outfitting a large room with a beautiful rug is plain out expensive.  I am talking even some 8×10 rugs and if you dare go 9×12 or larger forget about it – a couple grand at least for a quality chic rug.  Or do you have an odd shaped room?  Finding a rug in these situations is difficult.   SOLUTION - Use two or more rugs to create a layering effect.  Some options to achieve this look…

  • Use a textural rug such as a sisal or jute rug as your base and then layer a more colorful woven rug on top.
  • Piece together multiple woven rugs to create visual pattern and depth.
  • Multiple striped rugs will work together nicely since you are working with rugs that involve a stripe pattern
  • Use an animal hide on top to create an interesting shape and add a textural hide element






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