Wall of Mirrors

The perfect backdrop to my parents beautiful dining room table and fall tablescape (check it out here if you missed it) is what I like to call “the wall of mirrors.”IMG_6365When you have a wall that serves as the backdrop to a 16 foot long table the key ingredient is understanding scale.  One large piece of art would not suffice, nor would a series of art work.  The perfect solution?  Create a dynamic and interesting collage of mirrors.  The reflection of the mirrors also serve a purpose making the room appear larger with more depth instead of a long narrow shape.

My first response when I brought this idea to my mom was average at best.  She was hesitant taking on the task of creating this collage and risk of not knowing how it would turn out.  Patience is a virtue in this case as her wall of mirrors has evolved over the span of three plus years.  The reason?  Each mirror has a story and a meaning behind it.  You aren’t going to find a mirror from a typical home good store on this wall…

For example – this beauty was our thank you gift to my parents after our wedding and we purchased it while honeymooning in Paris, France.  Talk about a long trip back with a fragile early 1900′s hand carved mirror!  Completely worth it though…it is stunning.IMG_6383Or these two mirrors that mix a more modern gray straight lines mirror (mothers day gift) with that of a two hundred year old frame from Belgium (my moms family).  IMG_6386Or a frame purchased on a family trip to Maui from old sailboat wood.  And the mirror that used to serve as the landing for my dads childhood farm house of his family of nine brothers and sisters.  My dad actually laughs looking back thinking he never actually knew it was a mirror because it was always covered by coats, hats and scarves.  IMG_6384The large round mirror a gift from my dad to my mom for Christmas one year.  The large rectangle mirror a gift from my brothers and sister in laws for Christmas as well.  IMG_6388And the intricate hand carved mirror from my mom’s cousin (practically like a sister) Barb that she found antique shopping.IMG_6381

IMG_6393I think my mom would agree that watching this wall evolve has been enjoyable.  Although patience is key – as character like this wall of mirrors doesn’t develop over night but provides a meaningful display of family history and love.  The perfect solution.


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  1. Kathy Blanchard
    December 12, 2013 at 9:57 am (4 years ago)

    Not sure how I missed this post but I love this wall. What a great idea and I love the meaning behind each one. Fun idea!


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