FOUND! – Vintage Wood High Chair

OK, so with this little ones of course we already have a high chair.  Correction – we have one of those chairs that sits on top of a chair.  You know what I mean right?!  And we love it – it is great (thank you Grandma Nette).  BUT, how cool are vintage wood high chairs? And since we have a new little one and our Dax man will still need to be in the other chair thing by the time Jonah starts eating I figured why not search around a bit.

Backtrack a tad- Jonah woke up at 3a.m. Monday morning and wanted to party until 5:30a.m. so I had some time to cruise around the internet while he was coo’ing and smilin’.

I found this beauty on Craigslist of course…

vintage high chair

Now sit tight with me on this one – I plan to paint this a BRIGHT high gloss citrus color or lime green.  Or perhaps I will play up on the turquoise tray it has on top?

vintage high chair 2

Regardless this beauty has great potential…I think my little “Jonah Bear” (yes that is a nickname not his middle name) will be very happy with his new seat.

vintage high chair 4

vintage high chair 3

What do you think?  What color would you go with?

AND I don’t want to spill the beans too quickly but after I refinish this it might decide to sell this in our SHOP.  EEK, get excited!  The Middle Redefined online shop coming soon!

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