Rethink: Chicken Wire

Chicken wire in home decor.  Might sound odd but strangely enough I recently bought two great items that are made from chicken wire.

And before I get too far along on this one – I am blaming it on the mister on our recent lunch date.  See, we hardly ever get a chance to go on a lunch date and with only 20 minutes to spare we decided to run to Hen House (local grocery store) because they have a fantastic salad bar.  He then walks up to the register with an entire rotisserie chicken.  For himself.  His response, as I am sure I was staring at him with a puzzled look, “6.99 for an entire chicken!”  Oh I love him, even with his cave man eating habits.  And his chicken eating habits made me chuckle and pay more attention to these recent home decor items made from chicken wire.

Now on to my home decor purchases…

I found this great vintage basket that I use in our laundry room.  (I saved you the image of actual dirty laundry in the basket.  Figured you didn’t need to see the misters dirty whitey tighties:))



This lovely find was vintage and one of a kind but a quick cruise around Etsy and I found one very similar and just as lovely with a muslin liner for $35.

And on my recent trip to HomeGoods I found a steal of a deal in this mail organizer for $10!


What I adore about the look of chicken wire is the repetitive hexagon shape it produces.  Once I add some fun labels to this puppy I will have a great mail organizer for a great price.

Here is a look at some other great decor items that incorporate chicken wire…

How amazing is this dark distressed wood?  A great piece to display photos, kids art work, invitations, cards, etc. – Etsy

Or you could use the same concept as a jewelry holder.

Reclaimed wood and only $25!  Also found on Etsy.

And my favorite…

A great shaped basket that can be used in many different ways…and who said you can’t glam up chicken wire??  A little gold paint makes a big difference.  Only $25!

Do you have anything around your house made of chicken wire?  That is unless you have chicken farm – you don’t count.


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