Pillow Talk

The little man and I snuggled all day today.  Hey, I had a good reason – today is my last day of maternity leave.  I am going to stop talking about it before I get too sad.  OK?!  OK.

SO, on to the other topic at hand.  Throw pillows.  While snuggling and lounging around today I decided I needed to change out the pillows on our couch.  A fresh new look for fall and I am excited about the versatility with this collection of pillows.  (Actually I had all of these pillows laying around the house).

Note: Throw pillows are getting bigger and bigger.   Gone are the days of 16″ pillows.  Most of these are 20″ or even 24″ pillows.  So think BIG, COMFY and SQUISHY.


Layer them on!  Mix patterns and textures all within the same color family.  This set of pillows welcome in fall and add a nice pop of subtle color.


If I want to take off a couple pillows I can always go with larger pillow in the back and smaller directly in front.  Forget about only placing pillows to the sides of couches on an angle.


So many different combos I can play with…

IMG_6284 IMG_6287 IMG_6289

And my biggest little man loves all the snuggly pillows…


I am thinking I might have a pillow fight on my hands tonight!


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