Major milestones this past week with our oldest.  First week of preschool accompanied by his first tee-ball game makes for one sappy mama.   Hence, why this edition of ‘this…that’ features some sentimental moments as inspiration for these decor items.

1. THIS little man #6

Liam's Tee Ball


Makes me want to hang THAT inspirational pennant in his room.  Just so he knows that my hope for him in sports is to do his best.  BUT I wouldn’t be mad if he wanted to play every sport and practice all the time;)

How cute would that pennant be in the little mans rooms?!

2.  THIS little man who had his first day of pre-school this week

Liams First Day of Preschool

makes me want THAT piece of art to hang in our home…reminding me to always cherish the moments with the ones we love the most in our lives…b/c that really is what matters most.

3.  THIS sand filled hour glass makes me think back to


THAT little man and makes me realize just how fast time flies!  The sand filled hour glass decorative accessory would be the perfect decor item for a bookshelf.   We can’t stop time but boy do I wish I could sometimes.

Oh enough sap from me for one day…


Decorating Shelves 101

Yesterday, Jill shared more about Molly’s family room – specifically her family’s seating area, which I absolutely love. I’m so glad she decided on using four chairs instead of a couch/chair combo. The room feels so open…plenty of room for all our boys to run around!

Another important part of this room are two shelves that Molly put on either side of her mantle. She chose these metal bookshelves with rustic-looking wood, and they go perfectly with her coffee table. When it came to decorating them, Molly asked Jill and I to come over and help. We couldn’t spend any more money just yet, so we had to figure out creative ways to get the look she wanted. Enter spraypaint and a raiding of her other rooms around her house. In the end, we came up with a fun, colorful display that made Molly feel happy when she walked in the room.

Here’s what they looked like before:

Shelves - Before

Shelves – Before


Shelves - Before 2

Shelves – Before 2


So we took everything off, spraypainted a few things, and started the process.

Spraypaint for Budget-friendly Decorating

Spraypaint for Budget-friendly Decorating


Decorating Shelves 101

Decorating Shelves 101


And here’s where we ended up!

Finished Bookshelves -

Finished Bookshelves –


[caption id="attachment_1763" align="alignleft" width="600"]Finished Bookshelves 2 - Finished Bookshelves 2 –


[caption id="attachment_1764" align="alignleft" width="600"]Bookshelf Lovely Bookshelf Lovely


Decorating Shelves

Decorating Shelves

The cutest photo bomber ever goes to Molly’s little guy, Jack, who watched me getting ready to take a picture and ran right in front just as I snapped. What a photo hog!

Photo Bomb

Photo Bomb


Here are some basic tips for decorating shelves:

1. Display in odd numbers. When I was in college, my roommate’s mom – who happened to be a designer – told us that things always looked better in odd numbers. Of course I still remember that today and think it’s always a great rule to start with when decorating shelves. Think about setting things out in clusters of three or five. For example, next to a frame, place a candle holder on top of a stack of books. Or use two picture frames of varied sizes and put a decorative piece in between them. Keeping this rule in the back of your mind as you set up displays will just help create balance visually.

2. Make the weight of each shelf different. As you look down a set of shelves, the amount of items on each layer should vary. If you want to use a large frame on one, then on the next one down use some stacked books with frames and decorative items, and perhaps on another one you simply use a large basket. You don’t necessarily want pottery on every single one and you don’t want only picture frames either. Mix and match the kind of lovely, the amount of them, as well as the heights.

3. Spray paint is your friend when you’re working on a budget. In this case, Molly wanted to pull in some pops of pink and yellow but we didn’t want to buy new items. So, we just pulled out a few of her goodies and sprayed them. For the time being, they do the perfect job of bringing in color that creates a big impact without having to buy new stuff. She can now take the time to search out things that she can’t live without and that mean something to her and her family.

In addition to her bookshelves, Molly also had a display area in her breakfast nook that needed some love. So, using the rule of three, we took two large – and adorable, I might add – family photos and mixed them with a freshly, painted H (representing their last name). So cute.

Kicthen Display - Kicthen Display –

As promised, here’s the rest of the source list for Molly’s fabulous redefined space:

Kitchen table

Kitchen chairs

Yellow Bar Stools

Kitchen Rug

Hope you enjoyed this redesign as much as we did! Tell us what you think!




Take a Seat

Lets take a dive deeper in to Molly’s seating area mentioned in Erica’s post yesterday.

Again, the BEFORE -

Family Room - Before

Family Room – Before


Family Room - Progress -

Family Room – Progress –

First, when designing a new space it is oh so important to ask yourself this question, HOW DO I WANT TO UTILIZE THE SPACE?

Since this space is directly off their kitchen, Molly and Ryan wanted a casual space to gather and hang out.  They knew it would be the most important space to focus on when they moved in to their new home because it would be a heavy traffic area.

A television was a must for Ryan so once we knew that was going above the fireplace we took on the issue of developing the perfect SEATING AREA for the space.  With a kiddo and dog, the furniture in the room needed to be durable, comfy, practical all while staying stylish.

Enter these beautiful chairs.

[caption id="attachment_1738" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Seating Area Chairs - Source Seating Area Chairs – Source

We decided that four of these would be perfect in the space since the space was not large and a couch would be a bit awkward with the window on one side and the other side is the hallway in which you enter the house.  Also, whenever there is a couch it seems as though no one ever uses all the space so it ends up one person sitting on a large piece of furniture.  Might as well have four chairs that will get used.

Next, time to tackle the ottoman issue.  When it comes to ottomans the equation of sharp corners + no storage = no bueno with kiddos.  Enter this round ottoman WITH storage.

Round Ottoman WITH Storage - World Market

Round Ottoman WITH Storage – World Market


This beauty is from World Market.  Isn’t it perfect??  It adds textural interest, no kid finger prints to worry about and has storage.

After the larger elements were decided in the space now it was time to infuse some color in the space.  What a better place to do this than the rug?  A rug grounds the space and when you have color in your accessories it helps bring the colors all together.

Rug - from Target

Rug – from Target

This rug is from Target and perfectly infuses the colors into the space around the other neutral elements.

All in all, I think the seating area featuring a vibrant rug, four beautiful charcoal gray tufted chairs and a hammered round ottoman with storage were the perfect main pieces in making this a great place to ‘take a seat.’

More from Erica tomorrow on accessorizing bookshelves and other areas from the makeover tomorrow!



Molly’s House: Progress Shots

Here goes! As you know, our friend, Molly, asked Jill and I to help her freshen up her family’s new house after they moved in a few months ago. They had plenty of space, but their kitchen-breakfast nook-family room area was just a bit dated. After some serious elbow grease and hours of online shopping, we have some awesome progress shots for you!

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen – Before


Kitchen progress:

Kitchen - Progress -

Kitchen – Progress –


[caption id="attachment_1724" align="alignleft" width="600"]Kitchen and Eating Area - Progress Kitchen and Eating Area – Progress

Desk and pantry before:

Desk and Pantry - Before

Desk and Pantry – Before


Desk and pantry progress:

Desk and Pantry - Progress

Desk and Pantry – Progress

Family room before:

Family Room - Before

Family Room – Before

Family room progress:

Family Room - Progress - Family Room – Progress –

We decided to go with all white woodwork, and a base color scheme of greys and blues. Molly loves color, which matches her bright, fun personality, so we also added in pops of yellow and pink. Doesn’t it feel so inviting?

Molly and her husband spent hours and hours repainting everything themselves. They also replaced all the appliances, which made a huge difference in the kitchen.

This whole week will be dedicated to this redesign, so we’ll have tons of info for you, including source info for the major items. In this first one, we just wanted to share the adorable progress shots as a way to introduce you to her space. Be sure to tell us what you think!

Arkansas Antiques

How fun is Jill’s new desk chair? It couldn’t be more perfect for that space!

So I mentioned before that last weekend we went to Arkansas for a volleyball tournament. And while we were there, we spent a little time antiquing. Wanted to share some of the goodies we came across.

There were signs galore…

Arkansas Antiques

Arkansas Antiques

I was tempted to pick up one of these babies for my son’s room since it’s all done in vintage vehicles. Love the bright, bold colors. But I just didn’t have anywhere to put them, so they didn’t come home with me.

Bright Signs

Bright Signs

Of course there were loads of galvanized items.



And fun lanterns. If someone had a collection, they would have been in heaven.

Lanterns Galore

Lanterns Galore

I SO wanted this chair. I stared and stared at it trying to figure out where it could go in my home. However, it was $99, which was simply more than I was willing to pay for something I didn’t really need and hadn’t been looking for. I’m thinking Jill’s Craigslist prices are way better!!! It’s a pretty sweet chair though.

Midcentury Modern Chair

Midcentury Modern Chair

What I did end up with was one of these interesting little guys. I stopped to check them out simply because the animals and colors caught my eye (they had the perfect shade of yellow for my family room). I also loved that they had years printed right on them. Then when I noticed that they were actually mugs, I was sold. I’d never seeen them before, so I researched them a bit more. They’re part of the Frankoma collection of pottery. John Frank was a ceramics professor at the University of Oklahoma around the 1930′s, and he ended up opening his own pottery company in 1933. When I looked up the value of the mug that I purchased, it appears that they generally go for about $14. I bought mine for $7.50!

Frankoma Mugs

Frankoma Mugs

I wanted to use mine as a piece of art, so I added him to my shelf. Think he goes perfectly, don’t you?

Happy Elephant - Happy Elephant –





FOUND! $15 Office Chair

Finally. Found. THE. Perfect. Office. Chair.

PERIOD.  Oh, and for $15!

Craigslist FIND!

Craigslist FIND!

The most perfect shade

The most perfect shade

Office Chair

[caption id="attachment_1696" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Fits perfectly Fits perfectly

Must have been Erica’s post about a pop of red – (chair edition).  And then these three didn’t make the final cut.  So, searching on Craigslist I went and this $15 dollars was well worth it!  A bit mid century mod and super durable.  And at first I thought I would reupholster it and paint the back but I think it is perfect just the way it is!  One less project for the project list right now.

And I can happily say, although my abs need the swiss ball, I do LOVE sitting on an actual chair while typing.

Now off to search for my next wonderful budget friendly find!

Anyone need me to search for something for them??

Teal, Yellow, and Navy

I totally wanted to show you photos from our antiquing last weekend in Arkansas. But of course I had to take my car in uber early this morning because something’s wrong with it, and I walked out the door without my camera memory card. Soooo, I’ll have to post those this Friday. Sorry! However, I thought I’d post a couple inspiration pics for our friend Molly’s house. As I told you a couple months ago, Jill and I have a close friend who has asked us to help her freshen up her new home. We’ve had so much fun along the way, and we’ll be able to share progress pics next week! Her color scheme in her kitchen and family room are grey, teal, and navy. However, she also wanted to bring in some pops of yellow. So in honor of Molly, here are a couple pics from House of Turquoise showcasing those colors together expertly. Enjoy!

Teal, Yellow, and Navy -

Teal, Yellow, and Navy –

[caption id="attachment_1687" align="alignleft" width="680"]House of Turquoise House of Turquoise


House Beautiful

House Beautiful


Outdoor Furniture Update

Remember this gem

Outdoor - Before

Well now it looks like this…

I decided to go with charcoal gray paint and cobalt blue cushions.  We used paint and primer outdoor paint by Behr from Home Depot and had them custom mix the paint.  At first the shade was too dark and then too much green and finally achieved the hue I was going after.  The poor girl that was mixing the paint was probably highly frustrated with me but outdoor paint is tricky because you have to consider sun, shade and all different sorts.

[caption id="attachment_1671" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Closeup - outdoor furniture Closeup – outdoor furniture

Outdoor Furniture

I still need to add some decorative pillows to the mix – I am thinking about a tangerine or orange colors.

Just imagine Dax as a pillow…

The boys enjoying the new outdoor furniture.

The boys enjoying the new outdoor furniture.

Highly considering two of these beauties…from Etsy.  That way I can get my Trina Turk fabric that I dearly love.

Or for half of the cost – I could go for two of these

Oh and I almost forgot to mention – I got a outdoor coffee table.  Where you ask?  Well, on Craigslist of course.

Outdoor Furniture

This Smith and Hawken coffee table I have seen places retail for $200 plus and we snagged this one for $60!  I just need the mister to paint it the same charcoal gray color.

Coffee table find on Craigslist that needs to be refinished

Coffee table find on Craigslist that needs to be refinished

Still some work to do but I am really enjoying the progress.  Best yet, now we don’t have to sit on the concrete patio!


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