Closet Art

If every other room in your house has art filling the walls, why should the closet be left out?  I am not talking coat closet or small walk-in closet here.  I am talking master room, major walk-in, jewelry box style closet.  These type of closets could use some art on the walls and I have found the perfect art for my walk-in closet.  Here is a look at a few details of our master room closet which better explains my top art choices.

Closet Collage


Closet Collage 2

Since I chose the high-color, bold color, glam look in my closet these are all great choices that I am having a tough time deciding between.

All of these art piece can be found at the fabulous online shop, Waiting on Martha.  I have a slight obsession with this site right now.  Check it out, you will have to buy something I guarantee it!

Here are my four favorites that are in the running, which will soon be hung in our master closet.  Perhaps I will give the mister two votes since we do “share” the closet.  And I use the word share lightly.  Its more of a 3/4 – 1/4 split.

Which is your favorite.  I know, tough decision. I am thinking the Hermes print since my last name is Hall it is only fitting right?  That is the same excuse I use every time I see something fabulous from Hermes.  Now only if that would work for the coveted Avalon blanket.  For now, I will take the $19 print and hang it in my closet!  Do you have art in your closet?






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