Cosmopolitan Chic

Last week I stayed a couple nights in Las Vegas for work. The past couple of times I’ve been there, my colleague and I have been fortunate enough to stay at the Cosmopolitan. I am just so smitten with the decor in their rooms, that I had to share. Apologies that you get photos from my phone, but they still do a good job of showing the fabulousness of Cosmo’s style. With everything from an indigo couch (I so wish I could have fit this in my suitcase and taken it home with me – Jill, I know this color is right up your alley)…

Indigo Couch - Cosmopolitan

Indigo Couch – Cosmopolitan

to unique bookends. I feel so inspired in this room.

Light Reading - Cosmopolitan

Light Reading – Cosmopolitan

LOVE this distressed leather chair!

Fab Chair - Cosmopolitan

Fab Chair – Cosmopolitan

I’m not much of a wallpaper person, but these work so well in this room. One has this grey hue with a shimmery tone.

Wallpaper - Cosmopolitan

Wallpaper – Cosmopolitan

And who doesn’t love naked ladies forming a strong pattern? I mean, only in Vegas.

Wallpaper - Cosmopolitan

Wallpaper – Cosmopolitan

And finally, while most hotel beds are simply white with an uninteresting headboard. This one has an upholstered headboard and a navy throw with a simple border around the edge.

Chic Bed - Cosmopolitan

Chic Bed – Cosmopolitan

Who knew I’d find a room in Vegas that I’d love to recreate somewhere else? Any takers?

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  1. Holly Ites
    September 25, 2013 at 3:45 pm (4 years ago)

    I love this kind of lighting. Strategically placed lamps seem to add a touch of opulence to the otherwise mundane. And, I’m a little intrigued with the bedside table that looks to have a swivel top.


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