When White Walls Work

White is my favorite color.  Wait a minute.  You ask, “Is white even a color?!”  Some say yes, some say no.  Regardless, throughout my renting days I would yearn to paint those boring white walls.  NOW, I am painting walls white on purpose!

For example, in our nursery the existing walls were a sage green color when we bought it and I was not ok with that.  So, white it was.  You may think to yourself, how boring – but I would disagree – how clean, fresh and the perfect palette for your other items to SHINE.  Far from boring!

Here are my three main tips to follow when using white walls.

1. Try white walls when you want to infuse a large piece of BRIGHT furniture, art and accessories into your space.  This will make your color really pop against the white and make it the focal point.  The white acts as a canvas for the color in the room.

2.  Try white walls when you have amazing windows and intricate trim that showcase an incredible scenic view or landscape.  Your view and landscape will provide the color through the windows.

3.  Try white walls even if you want to create a neutral space and add layers and layers of texture.  Also in a small space to make it seem larger and brighter.

So have you changed your mind on plain white walls?

Stay tuned as Erica will be showing her recent transformation in which she choose to go with white walls in her master bedroom which I know you will love.

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