Tray Here Tray There…

…everywhere a tray.  I have a thing for trays.  A tray to sit items (STUFF) on – a gathering place if you will.  In the living room you may find a tray on the ottoman.  Another top choice would be the bathroom on the sink to gather items.

In our master bathroom we have this hand painted tray that my mom gave to me as a Christmas present, which I love.  Very unique.  Very cool.  As you can see it captures the recent jewelry pieces I sported.  And talk about mixed patterns in my master bathroom.  More talk on that at a later date.

Tray in Master Bathroom -

Tray in Master Bathroom –

A quick cruise around the web I found these two other great DIY projects to make your own custom tray.

From Martha herself – this tray uses a cookie sheet as the base.  I am thinking since I don’t bake too often I could use one of our baking sheets and tackle this DIY soon!  Look closely, underneath the beautiful pattern and those do resemble baking sheets.

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You can find full instructions and how to HERE.

But my favorite has to be this DIY tray found HERE …You can purchase the tray and acrylic and then simply change out what you use under the acrylic for a fresh new look.  The possibilities are endless with the amount of cool paper out there to make your tray new again.

Simple easy steps to achieve both trays.  I feel my next project coming on…

I say hip hip hooray for new projects – especially when they are easy, quick, inexpensive and can be updated for a fresh new look.

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