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Lets take a dive deeper in to Molly’s seating area mentioned in Erica’s post yesterday.

Again, the BEFORE -

Family Room - Before

Family Room – Before


Family Room - Progress - www.middleredefined.com

Family Room – Progress – http://www.middleredefined.com/caption

First, when designing a new space it is oh so important to ask yourself this question, HOW DO I WANT TO UTILIZE THE SPACE?

Since this space is directly off their kitchen, Molly and Ryan wanted a casual space to gather and hang out.  They knew it would be the most important space to focus on when they moved in to their new home because it would be a heavy traffic area.

A television was a must for Ryan so once we knew that was going above the fireplace we took on the issue of developing the perfect SEATING AREA for the space.  With a kiddo and dog, the furniture in the room needed to be durable, comfy, practical all while staying stylish.

Enter these beautiful chairs.

[caption id="attachment_1738" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Seating Area Chairs - Source Seating Area Chairs – Source

We decided that four of these would be perfect in the space since the space was not large and a couch would be a bit awkward with the window on one side and the other side is the hallway in which you enter the house.  Also, whenever there is a couch it seems as though no one ever uses all the space so it ends up one person sitting on a large piece of furniture.  Might as well have four chairs that will get used.

Next, time to tackle the ottoman issue.  When it comes to ottomans the equation of sharp corners + no storage = no bueno with kiddos.  Enter this round ottoman WITH storage.

Round Ottoman WITH Storage - World Market

Round Ottoman WITH Storage – World Market


This beauty is from World Market.  Isn’t it perfect??  It adds textural interest, no kid finger prints to worry about and has storage.

After the larger elements were decided in the space now it was time to infuse some color in the space.  What a better place to do this than the rug?  A rug grounds the space and when you have color in your accessories it helps bring the colors all together.

Rug - from Target

Rug – from Target

This rug is from Target and perfectly infuses the colors into the space around the other neutral elements.

All in all, I think the seating area featuring a vibrant rug, four beautiful charcoal gray tufted chairs and a hammered round ottoman with storage were the perfect main pieces in making this a great place to ‘take a seat.’

More from Erica tomorrow on accessorizing bookshelves and other areas from the makeover tomorrow!



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