Teal, Yellow, and Navy

I totally wanted to show you photos from our antiquing last weekend in Arkansas. But of course I had to take my car in uber early this morning because something’s wrong with it, and I walked out the door without my camera memory card. Soooo, I’ll have to post those this Friday. Sorry! However, I thought I’d post a couple inspiration pics for our friend Molly’s house. As I told you a couple months ago, Jill and I have a close friend who has asked us to help her freshen up her new home. We’ve had so much fun along the way, and we’ll be able to share progress pics next week! Her color scheme in her kitchen and family room are grey, teal, and navy. However, she also wanted to bring in some pops of yellow. So in honor of Molly, here are a couple pics from House of Turquoise showcasing those colors together expertly. Enjoy!

Teal, Yellow, and Navy - www.middleredefined.com

Teal, Yellow, and Navy – http://www.middleredefined.com/caption

[caption id="attachment_1687" align="alignleft" width="680"]House of Turquoise House of Turquoise


House Beautiful

House Beautiful


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