DIY Abstract Painting

I channeled my inner Jill and Kathy (my mom) this weekend. Of course I received help from my mom on this project, but we don’t need to dwell on that. What did I do, you say? Well, I created my first real painting! I had a big open space in my master bedroom that I just couldn’t figure out what to do with. My mom had purchased a large, framed painting from Tuesday Morning a while back because it was on clearance for $20 – the frame alone was worth more than that. Several times, she has taken paintings like that and just painted right over them to get what she was looking for. So, I decided that an abstract painting would be perfect for that open space in my room, and she helped me get exactly what I wanted!

Here’s the painting she originally bought.

Original Painting

Original Painting

And here’s our inspiration photo. I wish I could give credit to whatever magazine it came out of, but I simply can’t remember. Sorry about that!

Inspiration Photo

Inspiration Photo


We popped out the canvas and painted white acryllic paint all over.

Making a Clean Slate

Making a Clean Slate

Once that dried, we used a coral color, a make-shift mint (I mixed a greenish color with white and a bit of yellow and blue to get the right shade), and a charcoal grey. All I really did was create large, square-ish sections. Then I’d blend each section into each other a bit so that it wasn’t an exact pattern. The original painting already had a great texture to it, so it added to the effect perfectly.

DIY Abstract Painting

DIY Abstract Painting

Back in the frame, it looked absolutely fabulous!

DIY Abstract Painting - DIY Abstract Painting –


DIY Abstract Painting Closeup - DIY Abstract Painting Closeup –

I’m so excited to get it up on the wall this next weekend! One more project for the master bedroom off the list! And I feel like I’m ready for more painting, don’t you?

Pin-worthy Posts

Every once in a while, we check to see which photos from our blog have been pinned and driven traffic back to our site. We feel so humbled that people have actually “pinned” pictures from our site – and even sometimes from our very own houses. We so appreciate all of you who have visited Middle Redefined – we’ve received amazing feedback and support from so many people. It’s been such a fun six months.

Enough with the mushy stuff. After seeing what photos have drawn the most attention, we thought it would be fun to re-visit them here so you could see what others think are pin-worthy. Maybe you’ll agree!

Remember Jill’s cozy and stylish guest bedroom she posted about here?


DIY Headboard -

DIY Headboard –

And my yellow and gray living room, especially my DIY Roman Shades have drawn quite a bit of attention.

[caption id="attachment_211" align="alignleft" width="768"]DIY Roman Shades - Middle Redefined DIY Roman Shades – Middle Redefined


DIY Roman Shades - Middle Redefined

DIY Roman Shades – Middle Redefined

These shelves from Jill’s post about kids’ room bookshelves gets a large amount of re-pinning.


plastic shelf - plastic shelf –


Please continue pinning and sharing whenever you love a photo just as much as us! And thank you so much for spending some time with us on Middle Redefined!



Closet Art

If every other room in your house has art filling the walls, why should the closet be left out?  I am not talking coat closet or small walk-in closet here.  I am talking master room, major walk-in, jewelry box style closet.  These type of closets could use some art on the walls and I have found the perfect art for my walk-in closet.  Here is a look at a few details of our master room closet which better explains my top art choices.

Closet Collage


Closet Collage 2

Since I chose the high-color, bold color, glam look in my closet these are all great choices that I am having a tough time deciding between.

All of these art piece can be found at the fabulous online shop, Waiting on Martha.  I have a slight obsession with this site right now.  Check it out, you will have to buy something I guarantee it!

Here are my four favorites that are in the running, which will soon be hung in our master closet.  Perhaps I will give the mister two votes since we do “share” the closet.  And I use the word share lightly.  Its more of a 3/4 – 1/4 split.

Which is your favorite.  I know, tough decision. I am thinking the Hermes print since my last name is Hall it is only fitting right?  That is the same excuse I use every time I see something fabulous from Hermes.  Now only if that would work for the coveted Avalon blanket.  For now, I will take the $19 print and hang it in my closet!  Do you have art in your closet?






Cosmopolitan Chic

Last week I stayed a couple nights in Las Vegas for work. The past couple of times I’ve been there, my colleague and I have been fortunate enough to stay at the Cosmopolitan. I am just so smitten with the decor in their rooms, that I had to share. Apologies that you get photos from my phone, but they still do a good job of showing the fabulousness of Cosmo’s style. With everything from an indigo couch (I so wish I could have fit this in my suitcase and taken it home with me – Jill, I know this color is right up your alley)…

Indigo Couch - Cosmopolitan

Indigo Couch – Cosmopolitan

to unique bookends. I feel so inspired in this room.

Light Reading - Cosmopolitan

Light Reading – Cosmopolitan

LOVE this distressed leather chair!

Fab Chair - Cosmopolitan

Fab Chair – Cosmopolitan

I’m not much of a wallpaper person, but these work so well in this room. One has this grey hue with a shimmery tone.

Wallpaper - Cosmopolitan

Wallpaper – Cosmopolitan

And who doesn’t love naked ladies forming a strong pattern? I mean, only in Vegas.

Wallpaper - Cosmopolitan

Wallpaper – Cosmopolitan

And finally, while most hotel beds are simply white with an uninteresting headboard. This one has an upholstered headboard and a navy throw with a simple border around the edge.

Chic Bed - Cosmopolitan

Chic Bed – Cosmopolitan

Who knew I’d find a room in Vegas that I’d love to recreate somewhere else? Any takers?

When White Walls Work

White is my favorite color.  Wait a minute.  You ask, “Is white even a color?!”  Some say yes, some say no.  Regardless, throughout my renting days I would yearn to paint those boring white walls.  NOW, I am painting walls white on purpose!

For example, in our nursery the existing walls were a sage green color when we bought it and I was not ok with that.  So, white it was.  You may think to yourself, how boring – but I would disagree – how clean, fresh and the perfect palette for your other items to SHINE.  Far from boring!

Here are my three main tips to follow when using white walls.

1. Try white walls when you want to infuse a large piece of BRIGHT furniture, art and accessories into your space.  This will make your color really pop against the white and make it the focal point.  The white acts as a canvas for the color in the room.

2.  Try white walls when you have amazing windows and intricate trim that showcase an incredible scenic view or landscape.  Your view and landscape will provide the color through the windows.

3.  Try white walls even if you want to create a neutral space and add layers and layers of texture.  Also in a small space to make it seem larger and brighter.

So have you changed your mind on plain white walls?

Stay tuned as Erica will be showing her recent transformation in which she choose to go with white walls in her master bedroom which I know you will love.

Decorating a Long Wall

My friend Katie – the one with the amazing navy and pink wedding – just moved to Dallas from NYC. She and her new hubby are living it up in an apartment until they figure out exactly what part of Dallas in which they want to settle. Katie’s challenge in this space is a long wall that connects her living room with her dining area. Instead of creating two distinct spaces, she decided to do a gallery wall. She did a beautiful job of layering lots of classic neutrals with rustic-looking items.

And even though the gallery wall flows really well from one space to the next, it’s important to ground each area as well. For instance, the mirrow overlooking her dining table helps define the space without closing it off or looking too separated from the living room. After corresponding with Katie about her design challenge and then seeing it completed, I asked Katie if we could her photos with all of you – thankfully, she agreed! These are great inspiration photos for anyone challenged with decorating a long wall that overlooks multiple “rooms.” Enjoy!

Decorating a long wall -

Decorating a long wall –


[caption id="attachment_1857" align="alignleft" width="600"]K+P Family Room K+P Family Room



Chicken Wire Shelf

Chicken Wire Shelf


K+P Family Room Decor

K+P Family Room Decor


K+P Family Room Decor 2

K+P Family Room Decor 2


K+P Dining Area

K+P Dining Area


Source List

Tray Here Tray There…

…everywhere a tray.  I have a thing for trays.  A tray to sit items (STUFF) on – a gathering place if you will.  In the living room you may find a tray on the ottoman.  Another top choice would be the bathroom on the sink to gather items.

In our master bathroom we have this hand painted tray that my mom gave to me as a Christmas present, which I love.  Very unique.  Very cool.  As you can see it captures the recent jewelry pieces I sported.  And talk about mixed patterns in my master bathroom.  More talk on that at a later date.

Tray in Master Bathroom -

Tray in Master Bathroom –

A quick cruise around the web I found these two other great DIY projects to make your own custom tray.

From Martha herself – this tray uses a cookie sheet as the base.  I am thinking since I don’t bake too often I could use one of our baking sheets and tackle this DIY soon!  Look closely, underneath the beautiful pattern and those do resemble baking sheets.

[caption id="attachment_1840" align="alignnone" width="500"]source source

You can find full instructions and how to HERE.

But my favorite has to be this DIY tray found HERE …You can purchase the tray and acrylic and then simply change out what you use under the acrylic for a fresh new look.  The possibilities are endless with the amount of cool paper out there to make your tray new again.

Simple easy steps to achieve both trays.  I feel my next project coming on…

I say hip hip hooray for new projects – especially when they are easy, quick, inexpensive and can be updated for a fresh new look.

Monogrammed Sham

I’ve been searching for just the right photo to send my family member who’s monogramming our new bedroom shams – remember this pic?

New Bed -

New Bed –

Well, I think I found it. In the May issue of Better Homes and Gardens, a blogger named Erin was featured. And her home is adorable. She writes her own blog, Elements of Style, and also has her own design business. So naturally, I think she’s awesome.

In her master bedroom, she has this great mix of orange and navy, sprinkled with pink. Her shams are right up my alley, with the thick colored border. And I really like that the monogram sits at the top, since my lumbar pillows will completely cover up the middle part of the sham. So I think I’ll send this photo and see where we end up!

[caption id="attachment_1832" align="alignleft" width="550"]Pillow Layering - Pillow Layering –


Can’t wait to see it in person!


Hooray for Minted

Happiness is opening a box full of paper goodies from

Birth Announcements arrived from

Birth Announcements arrived from

If you haven’t heard of this fabulous site – is a “a global community of independent graphic designers and an online store that prints and sells the best of their designs in the form of paper goods.”

We are talking incredible indie designers from around the world.  From birth announcements to stationary to calendars to art for your walls – check this online shop out.

I recently picked out this birth announcement template out for Jonah’s birth announcement which features a cool cut out and extra thick paper.

Jonah's Birth Announcement -

Jonah’s Birth Announcement –

Jonah's Birth Announcement

I know there are various vendors for birth announcements but I have been so impressed by the unique styles, quality and customer service of  Before I go any further, no this is not a sponsored post – I genuinely truly love great paper goods and wanted to share this great site with all of you.

I first used when ordering Dax’s birth announcements.

[caption id="attachment_1817" align="alignnone" width="682"]Dax's Birth Announcement - Dax’s Birth Announcement –

Dax's Birth Announcement

I now have it framed and use it as a piece of art in my house and plan to do the same with Jonah’s.

A new feature that I will soon take advantage of (as soon as I sit down and put all my addresses in an excel spreadsheet – maybe the mister will do this since he loves excel – yes, he loves excel, weird I know) is the FREE address printing.  Talk about time saving and amazing.

I am lusting over some new stationary

[caption id="attachment_1819" align="alignnone" width="472"]source source

And to throw a party using their party decorations.  Since we have little guys – this vintage tractor party package is perfect.

How fun is this custom nursery print?

And with Halloween coming up how fun would a “monsters and martinis” party be??

Ok – I could go on and on but do yourself and favor and go check the site out yourself.  Have fun!

Stadium Seats

My husband just moved into a new office at work, so he wanted to find some unique chairs that could be used by guests. Since he works in the athletic world, he decided that stadium seats would be a perfect fit. Many of the ones he found online were way too expensive, so of course Craigslist came to the rescue. He landed on these chairs that are being stored at a church in the Ozarks. So we hopped in the car for a Sunday road trip and were so impressed, we bought some for our house too! Even a friend of ours wanted some for his office, so we picked up a couple for him as well.

These guys were originally used at Southwest Baptist University in Springfield. The current owner got the entire gym-full when his brother-in-law needed some new bleachers for the Christian school he runs. In addition to the bleachers, they got gym flooring, stadium seats, and more. It’s all in beautiful condition!

They come as single chairs, double sets, and triple sets. We bought two singles to go in our basement, one double set for our friend’s office, and the triple set will go in my hubby’s office. They were $25 per seat. Such a deal! The cobwebs and spiders hitched a ride as well.

Here they are when we got them home – just needed a little washing.

Individual Stadium Seats

Individual Stadium Seats


Triple Seats

Triple Seats


Vintage Stadium Seats

Vintage Stadium Seats

My hubby used a little wood cleaner and then polish to shine them up.

Wood Cleaner

Wood Cleaner


Wood Polish

Wood Polish


Ready for the Office -

Ready for the Office –



Here they are, all cleaned up – ready to go to the office! The lines on the side are so great. I love the color of the wood too. They have a few scratches, but we all get more lines as we age, don’t we? Just adds character.

We put the single chairs on either side of our TV in our basement.

[caption id="attachment_1809" align="alignleft" width="600"]Man Cave Man Cave

Great addition to the man cave. The best part is that my husband absolutely loves them, which made the whole trip so fun. Do you love stadium seats as much as we do?


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