Dressing Up My Side Table

Last week I showed you our new bedding. Bedding is so personal and can make such a statement, as we all know. When you walk into a room, the most important element is obviously the bed. It’s where we spend a huge amount of time. Well, just as important are the side tables. You use your side tables every night, to set down your phone, to lay extra items you’re too lazy to put away, and to turn on a lamp when you need some extra light. So I decided to spend a little time getting our night stands just right during this bedroom update.

I started by moving our previous ones to the side of the settee – I showed these in this post.

Sitting Room Update

Sitting Room Update


They were perfect in our teeny bedroom in St. Louis when we had a 100-year-old bungalow. But they are just too small to go beside our bed now. I also decided that this time I didn’t really want matching pieces, so for my side, I decided to use an estate-sale item that I’d had in my house for about seven years.

New Bed - www.middleredefined.com New Bed – http://www.middleredefined.com/caption

I first got this little beauty when my mother-in-law did estate sales several years ago. It had a light honey stain on it, but on top, someone had painted an apple green color. I actually liked it and thought that was such a fun way to bring color to a piece of furniture without committing the whole thing to it. I had painted it white when I first got it, sanded it a bit to keep it feeling distressed, and kept the green top. It has served as a guest room nightstand, side table, and printer holder in my old home office.


Now, it’s been promoted to the master bedroom. The one thing I had to do was repaint the top. The green it used to have was a little too apple-y. So I used one of my mint green test pints to give it a fresh, custom look.

Personalized Night Stand - www.middleredefined.com Personalized Night Stand – http://www.middleredefined.com/caption

Then I got new lamps at Home Goods for $45. And finally, my friend Katie (the one who had the beautiful pink and navy wedding), gave all her bridesmaids these adorable elephant ring holders as one of our gifts. I wanted a place to put it on display, so I grabbed one of my grandmother’s old serving plates and set it on top, right next to a bowl I found in the clearance basket at Anthropologie.

Night Stand Accessories - www.middleredefined.com Night Stand Accessories – http://www.middleredefined.com/caption

It all feels very personal and comforting right next to me every night. I think more furniture needs to have a fun colored top, don’t you?



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