I am amazed each day how the choices I make via fashion inspires my decor choices and vice versa.  Hence, why I am going to start a post called “This…That”.  Because this (decor or fashion item) inspires that (decor or fashion item).  Without further ado – this is how I was inspired this week from this and that…

1. THIS…

Jonah's Whale Outfit

Jonah’s Whale Outfit

inspired me to buy THAT whale for Jonah’s nursery to store goodies and keepsakes.  And it’s on sale now at Furbish Studio.

2. THIS fabulous DIY featured on Little Green Notebook

inspired me to wear THAT dress today.

3.  THIS light fixture…that I have starred at A LOT lately at 2a.m. or so rocking Jonah in his room


inspired me to buy THAT top.  J. Crew – on sale now, extra 30% off!

What has inspired you lately in fashion and/or decor that you translate in to the other??  You might be amazed how much they are connected.


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