Little Laundry “Lift”

Recently, we gave our little laundry room a little “lift”.  All inspired by these photos – where space is limited and having a shelf to fold / organize  / hang laundry was a must…

ok – the above photo is a bit unrealistic with all the accessories in the laundry room – but I had to share because it was really darn pretty…just not realistic right now for my life – maybe someday.

Now here is my newly “up-lifted” laundry room.  (sorry for the poor photo quality – taken on my phone) - Laundry Room "Lift" – Laundry Room “Lift” - Laundry Room Lift – Laundry Room Lift

Big thanks for the mister for building the shelf – huge help while managing the piles and piles of laundry we have these days.  Doesn’t help that I felt the need to change Jonah four times the other day.  He has so many cute 0-3 month clothes and I think wearing them at least once is a must.

OR I will just keep him naked wrapped up in this snuggly blanket…

Big thanks for Erica, Trent and Kingston for the most PERFECT baby gift ever.

Soft + Neutral colors + Monogrammed = LOVE.

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