Typography Art

Many times I think simple art is the best.  One way of achieving this is a great piece of typography art.  Words simply stated on a piece of paper framed.

You can easily make your own piece using stencils or even free hand but my best vendors are from Etsy.

To be even more specific, I love the shop “the big harumph“.  And for all you Kansans reading you will love the fact that the shop owner, Georgia, is from nearby Wichita, KS.

AND if you become a fan of “the big harumph” on Facebook there is a 20% off coupon code until August 7th.

I also love what Georgia – the artist behind “the big harumph” says about the artwork:

  • “My work here is mostly linoleum prints & letterpress prints. I love working with linoleum because of its versatility. My goal is to make awesome original art accessible and affordable. And funny, on occasion. I enjoy simplicity in design. You’ll notice that a lot of my work is inspired by silhouettes, quotes, and simple ink drawings. I like clean lines.”

Not only are these great pieces for you home (thinks kids rooms, laundry rooms, anywhere you need a spunky piece of art) or office but they can also serve as great gifts for a friend or coworker.  I purchased one for Liam’s room and I love it.  Amazing quality and completely homemade.  The shops slogan is “so handmade it hurts.” How cute is that?!

Here are just a few of my favorites…

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