Meet Jonah

I missed you last week – but for good reason.

Last Wednesday, July 24th at 1:03p.m. we welcomed our little guy into this world.

Jonah Dorsey Hall.  A whopping 9lbs. 1.5oz.  He was 21 inches long and as perfect as can be!

Jonah Dorsey Hall

Jonah Dorsey Hall – one day old in the hospital in his baby carrier

As you can imagine I am spending as much time snuggling with him and just enjoying the newborn stage.

Lack of sleep – bring it on.  We are very blessed to have family in town and around us helping to make the transition from two to three easier.

I promise to post more pictures soon of the little man but I also wanted to share with you his nursery.

When I designed the nursery I did so with the intentions of it lasting through all of our children.  Therefore, I splurged on a couple items knowing I would get great use out of the key elements in the room.

My jumping off point for the nursery was the Missoni fabric I had ordered and had a seamstress customize the crib bedding.


Four years ago and the bedding still looks amazing.  I went with gender neutral colors in case we were to have a girl but now with our third boy the colors still work.  I have just added more of the turquoise, grey and yellow into the room.


I have also played off the building block shape in the pillows and custom blocks that the mister made.

Here is a shot of the nursery in our old place when Liam was born.  It has evolved a bit in the last four years but the main elements we are still using and loving.


For more information on the entire nursery and a full rundown on all the items in the room check out Project Nursery where the nursery was featured.

Here are some more photos of the room in its current state.  Featuring my old baby dresser refinished.  Custom lamp shades using extra Missoni fabric.  A fabulous budget friendly light fixture from Ikea and our motto for the next couple years of “keep calm and carry on” because we do know that beautiful chaos will ensue with three boys under 3 in the house hold.

And of course Jonah gets his very own “love letter“.

IMG_5738 IMG_5732 IMG_5730 IMG_5729 IMG_5728


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