Kid Room Design: Kingston’s Space

Throughout this week, I shared the final projects I needed to get done for my son Kingston’s room. First, there was the $10 locker makeover, which I showed you in this post. The shelving is from Target, and I decided to buy baskets to hold all his books instead of have them standing up. It’s easier for him to just throw his books in the cubbies at night instead of placing them orderly on a shelf. I’m sure all your kids are much better at keeping their books organized than mine.

School Locker Redefined

School Locker Redefined

Then, there was the curtain that I extended using fabric glue – eliminating the silly fan covering at the top of his window. The large iron vehicle art hanging next to his window are from Hobby Lobby. They have iron art 50% off every other week, so I got an amazing deal on these. His chair was a gift from several of my girlfriends for his first birthday – I will be so sad when he outgrows it.

Kingston's Curtain After

Kingston’s Curtain After

And finally, here’s the rest of his space. His bedding was made by my mother-in-law’s niece. I found a photo online from Pottery Barn Kids of the madras plaid bedding, and she was able to recreate it using fabric we found at Joanne’s Fabrics. The Pottery Barn Kids version is on sale right now if you’re interested in it as well.

The art above the bed was made by my incredibly-talented mom. She had purchased this large airplane art from Pottery Barn for her basement, and I asked her to recreate it – isn’t she awesome? This piece of art kicked off the theme for his room, which I decided could be vintage vehicles, planes, ships, and trains.

I love that his bedding and art were given to him by family. It just makes those pieces so special.

His bed was a purchase we made several years ago when we lived in St. Louis – we used it in our tiny guest room. We bought it at a discount store, and I don’t even remember the name of it now. It’s held up well, so we thought it was a nice step up from the toddler bed.

Kingston's Space - Homemade Bedding and Art

Kingston’s Space – Homemade Bedding and Art

Kingston is really artistic, just like my mom, and he comes home every day with loads of scrap paper from school with new creations on them. I wanted a way to display them easily and make them a centerpiece of his room. So I found some simple hooks at Target, screwed them into the wall, and tied Jute rope to it (you can find this at any craft store). With some wooden clothes pins, his art can hang all the time and be rotated whenever we get new items – which is pretty much every day.

The hubcabs above it are inexpensive finds from the West Bottoms Flea Market. Every time I’ve been there, I see several of these.

Kid Art Display -

Kid Art Display –


[caption id="attachment_1300" align="alignleft" width="600"]Kid Art Display Idea Kid Art Display Idea

His dresser is the original one we bought when he was first born from Babies R Us to double as a changing table (it had a whole thing on top to keep the changing pad in place). So we just removed the top part, replaced the wooden knobs with rustic-looking ones from Hobby Lobby, and it looks like a new piece.

The shelving is from Pottery Barn and was given to us as a wedding present eight years ago - we had registered for the invisible shelves and someone was kind enough to get them for us. However, over two moves, we lost the most important part of the shelves – the mechanism to hang them. So, we found some inexpensive brackets from Lowe’s, and my husband made them work. The shelves couldn’t go with the dresser any better. And I decorated them with family photos and goodies from Hobby Lobby found at half price. A few of the small cars were a gift from my dad. He found them in England while traveling for work and brought them back to Kingston for his room. What a nice papa.

Dresser Setup

Dresser Setup

When deciding on a wall color, we went with a rich tan and used all navy, red, and brown accents. His room feels so cozy to me, and I love the personal touches that make it his space. The most important thing is that he loves it, and we spend a lot of time in the evenings reading books in here.

My family is getting ready to leave for vacation tomorrow, and Jill is popping a baby out any day now! So we’ll have some guest posts next week, and I know you’ll love seeing the creativity of some of our fabulous friends. Have a great weekend!





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