Next project – Kid Bookshelves

Liam is about to turn four and this little man has quite the book collection.  The collection is part in thanks to my friends gifting a book in lieu of a card when I had Liam’s baby showers and he receives an abundance of books from his grandparents along with others.  Great problem to have – but finding a new way to store this growing collection of  books is the design dilemma.

Currently, we rotate the books out every couple weeks and store them in his side table / night stand.

Side Table - Stores books / Vintage airplane

Side Table – Stores books / Vintage airplane

If you want to check out Liam’s entire room you can here.

The side table is “fine” but I am wanting a better solution that hold more books and of course on a friendly budget.

I stumbled upon a wonderful blog called The Aestate the other day and loved the bookshelves she just used for her daughters room.

plastic shelf

shelf -2

photo via

Don’t you love them?  Sort of doctor’s office-esque but that is another reason why I like them.

Simple.  Clear.  Inexpensive.  PERFECT.

You can find these puppies here and range from $8.75 per shelf to $13.50 per shelf depending on size.

clear plastic acrylic bookselves 1

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Add in some hardware costs – still a great solution to displaying books and making them easily accessible for little man to reach.  Hoping that he doesn’t think they are climbing mechanisms to scale the wall.

What do you think?!

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