House Jewelry – Update

I mentioned, oh, a mere two months ago, about the new “house jewelry” I got for our front door.  If you missed it you can check the post out here.

Usually it wouldn’t take this long to get a small project done but the mister accidentally painted it the wrong color first.  Apparently I told him the wrong color?!  (NOT what happened, but I am not going to complain since he does help me with all of my projects and I am full-term with baby number three and this chica apparently is not allowed to paint.)

The house jewelry before painted.

Wooden monogram - against current house color

After – gold metallic spray paint and coral ribbon on navy door.  No joke – the mister painted this baby black the first go around – why would I want it black??

Painted and ribbon - on front door

I decided to go with more of a coral color for the ribbon instead of the fuchsia.  I love the color combo, especially in the spring and summer months.

Although I think I might go back to my “H” in the fall and winter months.

Welcoming Entry - Monogram Moss Letter

It is “house jewelry” so it is good to have options.  Think of it like a good necklace for your home.

Which one do you like better?  Also, please share photos of your “house jewelry” for your front door.

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