DIY – Letter of Love

On my 19th birthday my dad gave me a birthday card.  I know that doesn’t sound newsworthy or anything but inside this card was a handwritten letter.  My first one from my dad.  My mom has always been wonderful about writing thoughtful messages but for some reason my dad decided to buy a card all by himself and write me a personal note.

I framed this letter – and throughout the years I would read it to make my day better or to cheer me up.  This letter went with me to college, on my move to California and back and is now still hanging in my first home.  I can recite the letter in its entirety.

SO, when we got pregnant with our first son I asked myself, “What would be a great personal gift that we could give to our son?”  I was sitting up one night and glanced over at the letter my dad had written me and decided that a letter from each of us would be the perfect solution.

I bought two simple black frames that were square in size (huge fan of square frames), sat down with the mister – in separate rooms (so he couldn’t copy :) ) and pretty much got emotional.  I was pregnant and you can literally cry about anything when you are pregnant!  But see this is the perfect time to write such a meaningful letter.

DIY - Letter of Love - Handwritten letters to our boys

DIY – Letter of Love – Handwritten letters to our boys

This “letter of love” captures my wishes, advice, and promises to my son.  The mister wrote a letter separately – since mothers and fathers have different perspectives and wishes for their children.  Although I love how there were similarities in both of the letters.

My hope is that Liam will take these letters with him throughout his life – and if he goes through his teenage years and having a letter from mom and dad framed in your room isn’t “cool” that is fine.  I guess I will just have to hang them in his closet for a couple years.

The letters go perfectly on his wall of other artwork in his “big boy room”.

DIY - Letter

Letters among other art work for collage

Letters among other art work for collage

Now with 4 weeks to go until our newest member of the family arrives it is time to get working on his letter.  Time to go get a box of tissues.

Stay tuned for Liam’s “big boy room” later this week – featuring more DIY art and DIY light fixture.


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