DIY Curtain Panels

So one day I was walking around Target looking for all the other things I could pile up in my cart that I didn’t really need, and I came across a shower curtain on clearance. I was drawn to it because I loved the Aztec-y pattern and rusty orange color. In my second guest room, I have some throw pillows that have a paisley pattern of blue, orange, red, and pink. I decided to pick it up and figure out how to make some curtain panels out of it for that room.

DIY Curtain - Middle Redefined

DIY Curtain – Middle Redefined

All I had to do was cut the shower curtain in half to make two panels (shower curtains work really well for this because they’re really wide). Then, my mom sewed up the sides and connected some cream fabric to the end to extend it – you could easily do this with fabric glue. And finally, we got curtain hooks for the top and an inexpensive rod.

DIY Window Panels from Shower Curtain

DIY Window Panels from Shower Curtain

The shower curtain was only $12.99, and I love how it fits into the room! So the next time you’re looking for extra randoms at Target that you can’t live without, walk by the home clearance section and you might find something perfect for your next DIY project!

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